Rupa and the April Fishes - ExtraOrdinary Rendition

2008-10-10 08:54
Easily digestible and perfect for a drunken barn dance in the city, this group's songs of love and pain stylise the pain out of grief and loss. The result is an album goes down easily, in a danceable, humorous, vaudeville groove… It's theatrical elements will irritate some people, but it's beautifully executed and packaged. And as this kind of album goes, it's really pretty tasteful.

That said, you couldn't play it without explanation, just sommer at a braai or a party. Extraordinary Rendition has "dress up party!" written all over it. Recommended theme: something French from those movies where everyone sits at a long table, eating bread with their hands, looking merry, and drinking watered down wine in the sun.

- Jean Barker

Rupa and the April Fishes are based in San Fran, USA, but sing in French chanson style with a hint of Deitrich lite, with Latin Euro flare and an almost, well, Bollywood sense of fun, but the music's sparsely instrumented and the lyrics are meaningful without being mysterious.

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