Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Cardinology

2008-12-31 10:16
Like them, his albums (even the popular Heartbreaker) could be a bit flat in places, although the brilliant highs on the even patchier Jacksonville City Nights always made up for it enough to keep us listening.

Cardinology is nothing if not consistent, with thicker instrumentation and easy melodies, and once it starts playing and settles into its rather traditional groove, Adams surprises you so little that you need to concentrate to get the most out of it. But listening's worth doing. Intense, prayerful, regretful, dark and sometimes almost... wise, Cardonology's got a lot to offer.

Yes, it's very good. It's just a pity it's not a bit more interesting. With some exceptions: The dramatic opening track of "Born into a Light" the grey-day acoustic self-examination of "Crossed out Name", and the mournful prayer for under standing of "Natural Ghost" will stick in your mind, and force you to attend carefully to the rest, in search of moments that almost, but don't quite, rise on a real melody to escape a beautiful musical mire.

Ryan Adams is the spiritual son of Jerry Garcia, Bob Dylan and Lou Reed. Like the Dead, Dylan, and Lou, Adams always seems to be obsessed with something that's missing; with some faraway sort of desire.

galamatias 2009/03/03 5:57 PM
Ja, so it's predictble. But this is a man so prolific h is behind with releasing great music. And he is a brilliant songwriter, jut like the greats mentioned in the review. He is not, however, a bland commercial sellout like his contemporaries (eg John Mayer - think about it, it's the difference between Coke ad Coke Zero: one is the real thing and one definitely isn't.)
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