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2009-04-24 11:31
Ryan Leslie
The 30-year-old New York native decided to experiment with his own stuff back in 2003, but his first attempt at an R&B single failed miserably. Not deterred by failure he returned to the studio and released his first successful single "Diamond Girl" in December 2007. The guy had a geeky sexiness with a bit of a swagger under all that modesty.

His first album is a collection of smooth retro R&B tunes sang leisurely over basic beats. "Addiction" features Cassie and Fabolous and is something of a sexy torpor, while "Valentine" and "Quicksand" sound very John Legend-meets-Robin Thicke. 

Ultimately there's nothing new here as John and Robin pretty much filled the chart space Ryan is trying to squeeze into. While the production is tight, it's still just a comfortable album. Some people just are better at making other people great and Ryan Leslie may have to accept that he's a behind-the-scenes kind of brother.

Ryan Leslie is not a hot guy, he's tall and lean, in a Screech kind of way. He's a Harvard graduate with a respectable array of production credits including Beyonce, Cassie and Britney Spears, behind his name.

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Gospel 2009/10/21 6:49 PM
Ryan Leslie's music is outside this world, this guy is highly talented and gifted at the same time. I would like to thank God that in our time Ryan happened, to share his musical gift with the world!!!!!...Big ups Gospel from South Africa!
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