Sandi Thom - Smile... it confuses people

2006-10-19 11:39
Stop singing, you're confusing people. That's what somebody should tell Sandi Thom.

Sandi Thom should marry James Blunt, move to the countryside and give birth to a pasture full of rugrats who are musically untalented.

Smile... It Confuses People is one of those CDs people buy on a whim, listen to once and then use as a coaster until water damage forces you to throw it in the bin. The catchy tune you couldn’t get out of your head after you heard it five times on the way to work mislead you into thinking the album had some substance.

It doesn’t. The album, that is. It doesn’t have substance.

Country rock is hard enough to relate to without illogical phrases such as “When I give birth to our children I won’t feel no pain”. Or “I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair”. Where does this hippy come from? And what the hell is she on about?

No self-respecting punk rocker would be caught dead with flowers in their hair – well, maybe at their funeral...

Country fans might enjoy the music (if only this were an instrumental album), but there’s really nothing spectacular about Smile... It Confuses People. No inspiring message, no heartwarming lyrics, not even pretty pictures in the liner notes to distract yourself with while listening to the album. It’s simply short, and painful.

It’s rather ironic, however, that this Scottish singer-songwriter (Thom co-wrote all the songs on her album – maybe that’s where things went pear shaped) shot to fame using the very tool she tries to escape from in her hit single “I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker”.

The success of her webcasts earlier this year lead to the re-release of the single. It topped charts in the UK, recovering from dismal a 55th ranking eight months prior and when her album was released went straight to number one.

But maybe the public enjoys this kind of music. Nonsensical people listening to nonsensical music, drowning their nonsensical sorrows in the nonsensical garbage.

Sandi Thom’s lyrics are the kinds of things you’d hear crazy-folk whispering while rocking back and forth, locked in cells with white padded walls.

- Megan Kakora
Sure, she's got a major hit single, but there's something rotten about the irony of Sandi Thom's success.

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Chris Bennett 2006/10/02 12:06 PM
Smile - it confuses people - Sandi Thom I have only heard the Punkrocker single and so am not going to comment on anything other than that, as it is mentioned in Megan Kakora's review. Megan, you've missed the point. The lyrics reference an amalgamated nostalgic world-view where, working backwards (77 to 69) the era of punk rock, of course the antithesis of music and culture of the previous decade, is mixed with the motifs of that decade. The point is, both genres revolted against the established order and shared the common thread of being outward looking rather than being the self-centred I-me-my culture which dominated the late 20th century and has becomes the 21st century way, so far. It is the passing of the common threads of the 60’s/70’s mindset which the songwriter mourns. Personally, I don’t really care whether the rest of the album is any good or not. What I do care about is that you, as you clearly don’t understand that which you so roundly criticise, have nothing of relevance to say. Your review, as a consequence,
Yasmine 2006/10/02 12:20 PM
I disagree I happen to think her cd is quite nice. She has a very nice voice and her songs might not really be reallity. Many artists sings songs that dont make sense. Most people dont always take the words to heart, if the song has a nice tune to it ... thats what attract people to a song, not always the words.
Frank the Tank 2006/10/02 1:17 PM
Megan Kak-ore Obviously Megan has Kak-in-her-ore (shit in ears). When will reviewers stop critisizing not only the musician, but also the people who listen to it. Your comment "But maybe the public enjoys this kind of music. Nonsensical people listening to nonsensical music, drowning their nonsensical sorrows in the nonsensical garbage" is totally unnecessary and I think you suck.
Nellie B 2006/10/02 2:50 PM
Sandi Thom I wish I was a punk rocker, video is great, catchy tune. My grandchildren can't stop singing it, I think it is cool.
Mel 2006/10/02 4:19 PM
Megan - YOUR A BIT TOO SHALLOW TO BE A CRITIC! That's exactly what she means with being a punk rocker with flowers in her hair, punk rockers do not wear flowers in their hair, but that is what she wishes! Megan, you are a bit shallow..... stick to BRITNEY!!!
coda 2006/10/02 4:33 PM
Poor review Megan: You say the album doesn't have substance. I think your review doesn't have substance - worst album review I've ever read! Your unconstructive, unhelpful persona bashing doesn't give me any idea what the music is really like. And since when is not understanding lyrics a valid criteria for judging music appreciation? I saw her "I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker" music video on tv and instantly took a disliking to it, but I haven't heard any of her other stuff and this review hasn't helped me one bit to develop an unbiased opinion. What is it about the music that you don't like exactly? Or was your intention to write a nonsensical review for us nonsensical readers.
some guy 2006/10/02 4:54 PM
Ameteur attempts by a money the plain fact that we have in short conducted the worst and most idiotically pathetic review iave read so far is amazing. apart from the streotyping comments, personal insult to the musican at hand and most of the words you succsessfully missed the whole point of the "review". you have not really analysised the music the sounds the tone and atmosphere it creates. other than that, bravo you amateur. p.s. i would like to here from you and hope you will see this as personal insult and use it to perhaps better your tact in anlysise the music.
Graeme 2006/10/02 5:33 PM
GREAT review Well done Megan! Say your say and don't be afraid to step on the toes of the very people who put this rubbish at number one. If their grammar and spelling are anything to go by in their criticism of your review then it's easy to see the age gap they come from, so don't take their ranting to heart. About time someone had the guts to call bad music just that...BAD MUSIC!
Bradley 2006/10/02 5:49 PM
Megan where do you come from Can you do any BETTER?When will you release you single
Brandon 2006/10/02 7:15 PM
Thanx Megan... how bout a Evanescence review Great work, thanx for expressing yourself like that Megan. The biggest album of the year, The Open Door from Evanescence is being released tommorow- would love to know what you think of the world's biggest goth rock band's follow up on their 16 million copies sold debut album!
Nonsensical 2006/10/02 10:38 PM
Rants and Reviews So you don't like her music and you don't like James Blunt but the whole point of a review is to tell people about what you reviewing not just bashing an artist for putting an album out there. Sure some people aren't going to like it, but you as a reviewer should at least explain why or why not an album should be bought. As for Graeme who took a dig at the "age gap and spelling" man I know people from of all ages who like or dislike this and people who can and can't spell. Spelling right or wrong doesn't put you into any kind of "AGE GAP"
Carmen 2006/10/03 12:02 AM
Sandi Thom - confuses people Definitely NOT......Thank you!!!!! I thought i was the only one who thought that "i wish i was a punk rocker" was absolute rubbish. Everytime that bad video comes on i switch channels. I don't like her singing at all. I can't sing but i have the ability to hear if someone has a good voice and appreciate good music like most people. How did she convince someone to make a cd? But then it could not be worse than Paris Hilton's singing, but then she probably bought the recording studio etc....
Graeme 2006/10/03 8:43 AM
Nonsensical speaks!! Thanks Nonsensical, you go a long way to proving my point with your senseless tirade, but I will leave it there. Megan's review is honest and more than a little refreshing, and it tells it like it is. If the person that is writing a review dislikes the music they are reviewing, what is the point of flowering it over to make it look pretty? Warn people that it sucks, give reasons why you say that and move on. If you dislike the review, that's also cool, don't read it again, go out and buy the cd and then come back and give your own honest opinion. That's after all, what this is all about.
coda 2006/10/03 1:09 PM
Re: Nonsensical speaks!! Graeme, bringing age and spelling into the equation is only proving how weak and unsubstantial your argument is. "Warn people that it sucks, give reasons why you say that and move on." - Megan hasn't given any reason for why she doesn't like the music which is what everyone has a problem with. You're absolutely correct, not every review needs to be positive, but it could at least contain some kind of balance and justification for why the reviewer feels that way. Megan basically said "the music sux!" and left it at that, going off on pointless tangents about the personality of the artist and taking silly stabs at her fans. How is that a good review?
Graeme 2006/10/03 2:31 PM
And now Coda speaks! Coda, which part of "Country fans might enjoy the music (if only this were an instrumental album), but there’s really nothing spectacular about Smile... It Confuses People. No inspiring message, no heartwarming lyrics, not even pretty pictures in the liner notes to distract yourself with while listening to the album. It’s simply short, and painful." does not express why Megan does not like this album?
seph 2006/11/06 1:43 PM
Sandi Thom - confuses people Sandi Thom has a great career at the moment (so it seems) but not ahead of her. She needs to realise that the young people of today need substance in the music they listen to, her voice is average and monotone (this makes it great for mobile ringtone i must admit) and the song makes no sense at all and uses the punk and hippy scene as some kind of leverage for her commercialism, all this proves is the young people of today are brainwashed by TV and chart hits to such a large extent that they are FORCED to "enjoy" music such as this. Artists who have substance in thier music and want to offer it the community without the aid of "commercial puppetry" are pushed off the charts and have to take second place to this nonsense. Bravo megan for a honest and enlightening review.
denton 2006/12/14 2:40 PM
Sinking Ship The whole issue of this womans career in music is now becoming redundant (on these shores at least) The singles released after "Punk Rocker" have sank without trace. The petulant attitude towards the British press is coming back to haunt her and no doubt the record company execs who drew up the contracts are hiding under their desks cringing with embarresment. Sandi Thom had more than one shot at the big time, which is a lot more than most get, unfortunately its one time to many for the buying public.
Esté 2006/12/30 6:50 PM
Ag, it's not that bad... Mostly i don't really like pop/folk/country music, but, strangely, i kind of like the "hippy" feel of this cd. I wouldn't necesarily buy it, but it's nice to play in the background of a bar on a mozambiquan beach.
Netanye 2007/01/09 10:17 PM
Love it! This cd is great. It tells stories and not like those metal stuff where they scream and you can't understand a word
Jaikkanen 2007/01/15 8:55 AM
amen! The idiocy of this song is unbearable. The ignorant attitude of this song was like nails down a blackboard. Was starting to think it was just me, untill i decided to look up song reviews. Thank you megan, for letting it be known! Couldnt have put it better myself. And Netanye, you must be no more than 13 years of age.. Metal music has it's place in the world, and has its crap, just as any other genre. You haven't the slightest idea about what good music is, and if your going to argue a point, gives reasons why, instead of degrading others (other genres) to prove your point. Only morons do that.
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