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Sandile Khoza - Listenin' Copy

2008-08-18 17:19
There's a bit of everything here: reggae, kwaito and R&B. None of which does the album much justice. Sandile seems talented looking at the fact that he has composed many of the tracks on the album. One must give it to him though, for the few party tracks he includes such as "Skhipha Va", "Woza" and "Kwa Magogo".

Tracks like "Siyabangena", "Undecided", and "Bayapretender" could however, have been saved for his next album. Can't find space for them on a DEBUT album especially because the message they send across leaves one not only undecided (oh, excuse the pun) about them but more specifically about the direction of his....
Big up though for "Iphupho lakho", "Kwakumnyama" and "Iphupho lami" which are in their own way inspirational. Who doesn’t need this, especially with the negativity around us these days? Hey, what would an album be without a love song like "Jabulile"?

I would have rather he stuck to MC-ing for this one, no singing. But without a sing-along song, his album would have been incomplete. "O seke" would make you stop dancing at a party and rather just sing along and DJs may forgive their audiences for doing just that on this particular track. Ultimately, Listenin' Copy will just blend in with everything else that is in the market.

- EnKay

Ready to take a trip down memory lane to the early days of kwaito? When artists sending messages across in vernacular was the coolest thing to do? Many years later kwaito is still THE kind of music to host the perfect party with. Of course there's Mzansi house music hot on it's heels - but that's a topic for another day. Sandile's Listenin' Copy is more of a cocktail anyway.

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