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Sara Bareilles - Little Voice

2008-05-15 06:12
I want to say she’s like John Mayer’s sister and Michelle Branch’s high school band mate, but Sara refuses to fit snugly into a box, shape shifting with every track. This is a text book folk pop album, but there’s something fresh about it that keeps you intrigued. Maybe it’s her multi-faceted approach to her lyrics. You can never really pinpoint just how she feels.

Even though she’s 28, a quaver of innocence can still be heard in the undertones of her rich, chocolaty voice. She sounds confused, but she’s selling that angle. She cries "save me I feel like I’m fading away / am I gone?" ("City") and she can’t decide between Las Vegas, New York or Mexico ("Vegas"). She’s also "been talking to God / don’t know if it’s helping or not" ("Many the Miles"). No answers are forthcoming. No one understands your confusion like someone confused themselves.
Poppy poster tunes such as the radio hit "Love Song", "Vegas" and "Many the Miles" perfectly highlight the soulfulness in her voice and her funky, jazzy piano melodies. "Come Round Soon" is a dark ballad about being high on broken love that shows a very different side of Sara. More melancholic tracks like "Between the Lines", "City" and "Gravity" illustrate the confusion and indecision that make true love so naive and beautiful. Clean arrangements and a smooth cello hum give these latter tracks a poignant quality.

Okay, so this is nothing you haven’t heard before. But is that such a bad thing? We aren’t all looking for something eccentric or evolved. Sometimes you want to give the sushi a skip and go for the homemade toasted cheese.

- Sam Brighton

"I’m unusually hard to hold onto" teases Sarah Bareilles on cute little folk pop ditty "Love Song". It pretty much sums up this artist in a nutshell.

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Nishen 2008/05/15 3:00 PM
sweeet this girl got talent.. let's hope she doesn't disappear like so many others like her.. she's sweet and brings that fun, fresh edge to music..
Natasha 2008/06/17 11:47 AM
Sara is great I really like this CD as i think the songwriting is different and i really think that she has talent! I look forward to much more from her
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