Sarah Bettens - Shine

2008-05-09 15:18
Sarah’s trademark husky vocals remain her strongest asset. The warmth in her voice creates a kind of intimacy with the listener, and so her stories of domestic abuse, failed relationships and innocence lost sound more like confessionals from one friend to another.

The standout tracks are “Daddy’s Gun”, a slow-burning murder ballad, and the title track – an empowering message of hope from Sarah to her teenage step-daughter.

Sarah doesn’t really do “fun”, so don’t let the cover art (chosen from a pool of submissions by primary school kids) fool you into thinking this is a light-hearted walk through the park. Each track is filled with deep introspection that’s tailor-made for wintry nights indoors.

- Shaheema Barodien

She was “Not An Addict” and “Almost Happy” some 10 years ago as the singer of Belgian group K’s Choice. And now with her second solo album in tow, lesbian rock icon Sarah Bettens reveals the more mature, settled and content singer-songwriter she has become.

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