Sean Paul - The Trinity

2006-03-30 06:43

"We Be Burning" - The single off The Trinity that is in high rotation in late 2005 - is also the catchiest lick of the lot on the first listen. The thing with dancehall, though, is that it isn't immediately palatable to mainstream dance audiences. So some parts of The Trinity do require more patience and concentration.

It's no surprise then that Paul's build to stardom has been relatively gradual, climaxing so far with recent international hit "Get Busy". And diluting his dancehall origins with more mainstream R&B undertones has served him well.

On The Trinity, Paul keeps the mix pretty formulaic, but infuses enough variation and unusual rhythms to keep it interesting. For the most part, the songs celebrate the ladies, bumpin' and grindin' in a Jamaican dub style that's groovy to hear and amusing to read. The verbal antics are infused with lots of humour and wit, and the collaborators are chosen well, particularly Nina Sky, who delivers a red-hot vocal performance on "Connection".

There's no confusion here: this is a dance album; it's got the right elements of beat, groove, sauciness, and sexiness, and it's a disc you could easily pop into the player at a party. Good stuff.

- Anton Marshall


...the dancehall artist you can take home to your Mum!
- Ruth Jamieson for BBC

...on The Trinity his vocal gifts and Jamaica's continued creative vitality are a surefire formula for thrilling music.
- David Drake for Stylus Magazine

Sean Paul still knows how to get a party started -- he just won't be setting the world on fire.
- Jonathen Ringen for Rolling Stone

Most commercial radio listeners will know that Sean Paul is fast becoming a staple of up-tempo drivetime playlists. His dancehall pop may be formulaic, but it does the job.

Widad 2005/11/03 8:37 AM
The Trinity - Sean Paul He gets better with time. His 1st CD "Dutty Rock" was mindblowing & this 1 is even better. Great stuff.... Kanye West - Last Registration
Samiksha 2005/11/07 5:41 PM
The Trinity Excellent
sam 2005/11/13 10:00 PM
trinty very nice
tessa 2005/12/28 12:35 PM
PAULLY I agree he just gets betta!!! bump 17
zita kyster 2006/05/09 8:37 PM
sean paul rocks not only is he cute but his music is the bomb since he started out keep it up sexy mariah carey mimies entisapation
Ilze 2006/05/10 2:22 PM
Shaun Paul Lekke - love this man - he is just great! every cd that comes out in future should feature at least one track!
Tracey 2006/05/10 4:26 PM
Amazing!!! Even if you aren't a fan of the man, there is no denying is ability and insatiable energy. Lyrical content does not even matter as he takes dancehall pop to another level. He never fails to disappoint Most definitely
Shaelene 2006/05/10 4:49 PM
Shaelaz the main gal Not only do i adore Sean Paul but his jamaican voice makes makes me weak till my knees.Sean Paul must keep on doing what his doing cause he rocks at it!!! This is a really tight album Sean Paul you da man!!!!
CATHY 2006/05/11 4:34 PM
tsepa ma2-2 2006/05/14 3:50 PM
the best yet watmo wud u xpect 4m the best just stick to all sean paul`s ridimz
Amy 2006/05/14 6:14 PM
yeah I thought it was awesome, took a couple of listens to get used to, but it has not come outta my cd player since i bought it! culo remix- pitbull
bernice 2006/05/14 8:02 PM
exellent THE TRINITY is a gr8 cd an music 4 a party it is the best cd ever I recommend the trinity
Mariam 2006/05/22 2:44 PM
Great Stuff Excellent, like everything else about him!!!
sandhya 2006/05/23 9:57 AM
hot stuff hot stuff
Val 2006/12/21 12:45 PM
Sexy!!!!!! I love erything about him and his cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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