Seether - Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces

2007-11-29 10:46
Sure, prime time producer Howard Benson has airbrushed the power trio’s teen spirit into a wall of amped up riffs and howls that sometimes struggle to step out of their Billboard chartbusting comfort zone. But so what if power ballad "Breakdown" is probably way more Bon Jovi than Badmotorfinger? Pushing the envelope isn’t what’s earned Seether their legion of fans. Writing songs that milk our obsession with the sex, drugs ‘n rock ‘n roll myth is what matters.

Like the way the aforementioned lighter-waver demands we spend time decoding its bitter break-up balladry as evidence of Morgan giving ex-girlfriend Amy Lee the finger for the public kiss-off of her Evanescence hit "Call Me When You’re Sober".
Or the fist-pumping first single "Fake It" whose deceptively huge air guitar hooks have you humming along obliviously. Before you realise that Morgan’s staring the arrogance masking his low-self-esteem in the face. It's a caustic inventory of the whole sex, drugs ‘n rock ‘n roll spiel. It’s also the first time he doesn’t see Kurt Cobain or Layne Stanley staring back at him.

Okay, so he may not know who he really is just yet. But after his stint in rehab Morgan knows the whole rock ‘n roll saviour shtick just isn’t working for him anymore. 7-minute mind bender "No Jesus Christ" says as much ("Your verbal defecation I can't wash away despite myself"), seething between nu-metal and symphonic rock seizures before "Walk Away from the Sun" and "Eyes of the Devil" start imagining new sonic possibilities beyond bipolar rock bluster.

- Miles Keylock

"F**k me like you hate me, dig it up, tear it down/Dig it up and whore me out!" chants Seether lead singer Shaun Morgan on a stadium-sized singalong billed by the euphemistic acronym of "FMLYHM." Hmm, selling rock ‘n roll fear and self-loathing to kids who’ve just popped their cherries? So it’s business as usual for South Africa’s premier post grunge exports? Not quite.

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david 2007/11/29 7:56 AM
Awesome SA's best rock band. No issue.
kobus 2007/11/29 3:47 PM
Not bad Not bad. But not great. Sounds like Shaun hasn't lost his edge. Hope not.
Dysfunctional Rocker 2007/11/29 4:40 PM
Awesome It totally rocks!
jarrod 2007/11/29 8:20 PM
AWESOME The boys have come along way from the Saron Gas days. Loved them then & they keep getting better.
cassie 2008/01/04 9:26 AM
awesome This album is unlike any other. The music goes straight to your soul, and leaves you wanting more. I reckon this is Seether's best work yet.
Karin 2008/01/04 12:23 PM
It is a plane? Its it a bird? No.........ITS SEETHER!!!!!!! This band knows what rock music is all about. These boys have a gift and they take you to a place, where there is no bull@%&^. They say like it is!!! And if there is anyone out there that thinks this album is NOT GREAT, then I suggest to put in your old, faithfull BACKSTREET BOYS..........Cause you don't know what ROCK is then!!! Love you boys, keep up the great work!!!
colleen 2008/01/06 9:37 AM
shaun morgan, u just getting better i can so relate 2 his music- he rocks!
FAIRYLADY 2008/05/05 12:34 PM
Dave 2008/05/05 12:41 PM
Well done Well done Seether, well deserved. However i believe that although South African, they are classified as a International band, they live there, produce there, play most live gigs there....think a SA rock band still living in SA should have taken SAMA, Prime Circle would have been my choice, they work f%^ing hard for SA fans, thye also product great SA rock music.....please dont get me wrong with this post, Seether are brilliant....but where does there music commitment lie....Prime Circle should have walked away with award.
Ruth 2008/05/06 8:53 AM
Ermmm Just one comment... I belive the author of this article could be an SA Muso, jealous and ridiculed with self loathing and a show of dismal levels of respect. Give the boy what's due to them, they're a success whether the masses approve or not....
Dave 2008/05/06 10:08 AM
reply to Ruth Ruth, firstly im not a Muso, im not even involved in the music industry. Secondly, i congratulated Seether, and believe they are a brilliant band and deserved of an award. I love there music and there latest album is right up there with the best internationally. However, understanding the industry. Most awards given to bands are based on record sales, radio play...etc. Seether, win hands down. What im debating, is that they live in USA and therefore a grammy would be seen as a more acceptable award.....So i ask, do they have what it takes to win a grammy ? I think they deserve a grammy, will they win one....mmmm, not sure ....because even though living in USA, they still might get labeled as a SA BAND. There should be a SAMA category called " Best Local band rock that made it Internationally"...however, give the SAMA for best SA rock band to a SA band, i mentioned Prime circle, because i know how hard they work , there is plenty others, Wonderboom etc etc. Seether are brilliant,
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