Seether - One Cold Night

2006-08-29 17:10
Cynics might wonder why Saron Gas were only fairly successful, and Seether became SA’s rock darlings once they were releasing from the United States. The fact is that while Musketeer Records (SA) knew what it had in Shaun (Welgemoed) Morgan and the lads, Wind-Up Records (USA) have done a bang-up job on completing the picture. Seether is now a major tour draw in the US, with three studio albums under the belt, and about to launch properly in Europe with a tour (starts October 2006).

One Cold Night is an acoustic set, performed at Grape Street in Philadelphia, and it is an astounding measure of Seether’s star quality. Blending near-perfect quantities of fun, energy, gravitas and musical virtuosity, Morgan’s generous songwriting skills, and the band’s considered performance, the band delivers a fine album’s worth of ‘favourites’ from their catalogue. And all of this despite the decline of grunge from the forefront of youth culture. In a way, the sound of the band, like Pearl Jam’s, may have nostalgic value, but it also demonstrates that Grunge has grown up with its purveyors. One Cold Night sees a rock band at the top of their game, and although no one track stands out too far above the other, there’s a solid quality of execution throughout. “Remedy”, especially, is rooted in the sound of 1993 and the acoustic version of “Broken” is emotive and poignant.

On the technical side, the mix is pleasantly aggressive, separating the instruments nicely, and Morgan is in fine voice – rumour has it that the band first started playing acoustic sets when Morgan suffered medical problems from extensive touring. The accompanying DVD features the same performance, an interview, stills gallery and a music video for “The Gift” – great value for money.

- Anton Marshall
A slick, professional accoustic set that shows why Seether survived the grunge meltdown - so far anyhow.

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Petro 2006/09/03 6:38 PM
No Problem. It is fine as it stands Enjoyed it very much. I think "Broken" is one of the best songs to come out of a SA Band, and they deserve recognition from us all.
Peter 2006/09/12 1:20 PM
One for the old boys So many mature (+35 that is) people like rock music but don't know who or what to buy. This is a great starting point if you want to get a slice of SA's biggest international rock act. If you like the songs, it really enhances the purchase of their electric stuff.
EvFan 2006/10/10 8:29 PM
EvFan Well, after Evanescence's new song 'Call Me When You're Sober' Shaun must be feeling pretty messed up!
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