Sex and the City Vol.2 - Soundtrack

2008-12-22 16:19
Sex & the City Vol. 2
It stands to reason then that the people looking to cash in on the Sex and the City nostalgia this year will be looking to get more bang for their buck by releasing yet another volume of the movie's soundtrack. And, like the movie, it's about as necessary as a third nipple.

So this time around, Ciara is supposed to stand in for Fergie's effort on the first volume, Janet Jackson throws us a bone we don’t really want and the inclusion of a new track from yesterday's news Craig David comes off sounding rather naff.

But lying among the all-too familiar fare lie some gems, notably from singers you've probably never heard before. Get ready to hear more from the likes of Elijah Kelly, Ingrid Michaelson and Katie Herzig who all bring some much-needed charm to a collection striving for a little bit too much stylish sass.

All the heavy hitters – Goldfrapp, Craig David, Janet Jackson – are bunched in the first half, with Amy Winehouse sort of propping up the lesser known acts in the second act. It's not all that clear why a second volume was needed, as the first seemed to have done the job just fine. But with sequel-itis infecting the money-makers behind the Sex and the City movie (there's yet another one on the way soon) you can't help but feel all Sex-ed out after yet another collection of songs encouraging you to go out, fall in love, buy designer clothes and just be happy already! Exhausting and unnecessary.

Hmm, haven’t we been here before? Weren’t we all excited for the return of the foxy Sex and the City foursome? And didn’t that all happen about six months ago?

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