Shadowclub - Goodbye Wild Child

2014-08-08 15:35

The bandmates of Shadowclub (Isaac Klawansky, Jacques Moolman and Louis Roux) have always described themselves as a "3-piece blues rock’n’roll outfit", but the simplicity of this title does nothing to justify the beautifully constructed hard-rock riffs that they pour out.

The uncontrollably catchy guitar intro of "Good Morning Killer" from their first album Guns and Money grabbed an audience both near and far, making a name for themselves and marking their debut off as a seminal piece of contemporary rock in South Africa. And now they have done it again, bringing out their second album in mid-December of 2013.

The stunning collaboration of no more than 3 people has shaped a stunning collection of tracks. The combination of Klawansky’s classic blues shuffle and rolling toms along with Roux’s smooth but grinding riffs, topped off by Moolman’s truly stunning voice makes for a perfect sense of enjoyment, accompanied by the dance of your choice.

Best Song:

"Born in the City", the very first track of Goodbye Wild Child, stands out by a margin. Each member performs magnificently with each other on this one, almost as though the very fibres of their fingers, hands and voice are working in perfect unison with only one shared goal: To make the listener slowly look up from the screen and without even realising, flash their teeth to the world.

Worst Song:

"Mocking Bird" certainly does fly away from the usual perfection of a Shadowclub track. While a differentiation of style is often needed, the almost rock R&B slam of this track does not stick to their usual greatness.

Sounds like?

The sound and style of Goodbye Wild Child closely resembles that of their first album Guns and Money. Nobody can deny the opportunity to dance to these tracks, they bound off the walls with a wonderful combo of hard blues and classic rock ‘n roll. The occasional half-time breaks of some tracks, in which all three members slow down their jams, for each member to take a spin, whether it be a rolling drum solo, and funky bass slap session or even a vocal solo that could come close to the likes of Pink Floyd’s "Great Gig in the Sky".

Watch the video for their first single off the album here:

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