Sharleen Spiteri - Melody

2008-10-22 08:13
While it's admittedly a challenge to shed your band identity in one go, there is little evidence here of Sharleen trying to make a clean enough break from being the voice of Texas. "I Wonder" sounds like a carbon copy of a Texas track.

This said, she has experimented with her influences and produced some pretty cute pop tunes. The catchy "Don’t Keep Me Waiting" transports the listener back to the time of doo-wop and Motown super girl groups. She also pays homage to icons such as Johnny Cash, Elvis, and Nancy Sinatra, in whose boots she clearly walks on "I'm Going To Haunt You".

While the music is well arranged in places, her lyrics are monotonously clichéd. Every song talks to a whimsical 'you'. Words are strewn about like the rose petals that decorate the CD cover and liner notes - pretty and poetic, yet disconnected and pretentious at the same time.

Still, while Spiteri may not have written any hits, at least she’s written all these songs herself.

- Jessica Hewson

"I'm a firm believer that every time you sit down to write a song you should try and write a hit record" champions Sharleen Spiteri's online biography. Fair enough. Only problem is these sweet - but self indulgent - laments to lost love just aren't hits.

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