Shayne Ward - Breathless

2008-02-20 10:29
Let’s not meander over life’s complexities. It’s simple: as a singer Shayne Ward is mediocre. He has a nice, safe sound that neither excites nor nauseates. He also has one major selling point that allows any artist to spew out banal music and still make money. The guy is hot. There’s no denying that.

Yes, Breathless is directed at lovesick, pubescent girls who will one day be embarrassed to admit that they ever own this album. It’s the kind of radio-friendly conventional pop album that you’re forced to listen to on your drive home. Still, the 23-year-old X-Factor contestant has 2 hits currently on the charts, "No U Hang Up" and "If That’s OK with You".

Then again, "I’m going to saint your mother just for giving you birth" can only be regarded as one of the worst (if not the most irritating) lines in song history. The other tracks are pretty much the same – some dance tracks, the regular pop tunes and a remake of the eighties hit "Just Be Good to me".

- Ashlin Simpson

What comes first – sex-appeal or talent? Is Justin Timberlake only considered sexy because he’s a talented performer? And is Shayne Ward only selling CDs because he’s good-looking?

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pedro fernando 2008/03/21 9:45 AM
shayne ward - breathless ''make no mistake bout this - this man is the new voice of pop - take a listen to ''breathless'' with its mesmerising vocals it leaves u breathless - what progress this man has undergone since the sweetness of 'no promises'' one of the years best songs and albums - Shayne is here to stay if he keeps on the road...'' Pedro Fernando East Rand Stereo 93.9fm Music Compiler/Radio Personality
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