Sheryl Crow - Detours

2008-03-25 16:38
Crow has never shied away from skewering those in power and highlighting their mistakes - like the Iraq War in the beautiful "God Bless This Mess" and post-Katrina New Orleans in the delightful "Love is Free”. "Gasoline" is a brilliant satire of our thirst for oil and what happens when we run out in the year 2017, even if it does cop out with a rather cheap chorus. Her ability to wrap serious lyrics in catchy music is unmatched on "Out of Our Heads" where she tells the "Children of Abraham [to] lay down your fears, swallow your tears and look to your heart".

The second half of the Detours diary becomes more personal, dealing directly with the Armstrong break up in the raw "Diamond Ring" and the adoption of a boy in the bittersweet "Lullaby for Wyatt". The latter’s a heartfelt tale of sadness for time’s fleeting moments. While perhaps not as musically strong as the first, the CD’s second half reminds you that Crow has always been a more compelling lyricist than a musician. On the whole, Detours is a welcome return to form.

- Philip Langley

Sheryl Crow has had a rather busy few years - breaking up with Lance Armstrong, being diagnosed with cancer and adopting a baby boy. Detours is a record of her emotional, spiritual and political journey through this heartbreak, struggle and joy.

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