Shifty - Happy Love Sick - Shifty - Happy Love Sick

2006-03-29 20:10

Happy Love Sick is Shifty's attempt at a solo career following his stint with one hit wonder band Crazy Town. The band's hit "Butterfly" was only moderately successful and not worth mentioning in the greater scheme of things, but that didn't deter Shifty from using the song as a basis for his first solo album.

The "butterfly" theme is so overused that the album has no variety. Almost every song is about girls and love, all sung and rapped to a backdrop of one continuous beat. Apart from the single with Oakenfold, "Starry Eyed Surprise", I'd guess Shifty wrote one song and spread it across 12 tracks if it weren't for the presence of a tracklisting.

The lyrics are so weak it's almost funny: "let's stay together like I'm Al green", "you make me think sexual thoughts". In "EZ Cuz You're Beautiful," Shifty serenades using clichéd, vulgar language to talk about true love (at best it's laughable). His desperate attempts to make the words rhyme are too obvious.

The over decorated Shifty attempts to be gangster rapper, Rastafarian and sk8er punk all rolled into one.

The Oakenfold track is the only bearable song on the album.

Not much thought has been put into the album; while there are similarities to the punk band Sublime, there are more misses than hits here.

Be warned, although light and summery, Shifty's Happy Love could make you Sick.

- Ashlin Simpson

I'd admire this late-in-the-game attempt to rekindle the commercial fires more if he didn't make it clear he'll want to talk about his problems once you've come, come.
- Anthony Miccio for Stylus Magazine

His style oscillates between copy-cat Sugar Ray and substandard mid-eighties rap; there are animated breakfast cereal mascots with better rhymes.
- David Maas for, who rated it 1 star

Are we supposed to feel bad for this self-proclaimed rich bad boy? I don't. Save your money on this album, because it'll soon be in the bargain bin.
- Aurora Stern for The Daily Californian

In an interview on his website Shifty said, "Life's about appreciating the good things, you can focus on the good or you can focus on the bad".

lilian 2004/11/23 3:24 PM
Fun but only for the first time Good for one listen, at least, for 30 second clips. But I imagine that if I'd actually spent money on this CD I'd be pretty p#####d off when I got home! MXO's "Peace of Mind"
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