Shotters Nation - Babyshambles

2007-11-06 07:02
On some of these songs, especially "Side of the road", you’ll swear he’s channelling Pink Floyd’s crazy vocalist Syd Barret. He’s certainly screwed up enough to be Syd, but Babyshambles have got a long way to go before they attain anything like the authority needed to balance out the craziness.

Fans of The Libertines who were partially satisfied by guitarist Carl Barat’s Dirty Pretty Things debut, Waterloo to Anywhere, and who were sadly disappointed by Pete Doherty’s utterly crap first album with Babyshambles, Down in Albion, will be made slightly happier by Shotter’s Nation.

It’s got some good songs, two really good songs, and some boring indie filler tripe. But on the whole, tracks like “Carry on up the Morning” and "Unbilotitled" will sit happily on your iPod next to Libertines killers like "The man who would be king". And yes, some of the songs are co-credited to Kate Moss. What’s that about? There must be easier ways to get a blowjob if you’re a rockstar.

- Chris Roper

You gotta love Pete Doherty’s lyrics, the usual cross between dopehead tweeness and startling insightfulness: "In the morning where does all the pain go/The same place the fame goes straight to your head."

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