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Simple Plan

2008-03-09 07:24
This album is a maple tree of durable punk rock rhythms decorated with tight techno-tinsel and almost perfect pop production. Incorporating the production savvy of Nate 'Danja' Hills and Dave Fortman was a bold move off of the comfy couch and into the lion’s den of criticism.

Expect a hip hop 'flava' on "Generation" and "Your Love Is A Lie", while "Holding On" and "What If" are rounded, scored anthems reminiscent of TV show theme songs. "Save You" is a simple (excuse the pun) song dealing with a complex theme of dying, inspired by Bouvier’s brother’s battle with cancer. While his lyrics aren’t overly sentimental, they are going to end up on some teenagers' walls. Don’t worry, this is still the Simple Plan you know and love – they just grew beards and made some new friends.

This is what Simple Plan should sound like. Previous albums were like practice rounds that honed their skills for the superbowl that is commercial pop, and they’ve come running in with a bang.

- Sam Brighton

Jamming in a garage about being young and dumb may have put Simple Plan in the hearts and hifi’s of many teenagers, but they sound different now. Frontman Pierre Bouvier’s voice sounds like it has finally broken, and he now sings with resonance and power that show some things just get better with age. Even though they might be older, this pop punk sound will appeal to a wider audience than they’ve had before.

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Tina 2008/03/10 7:09 AM
Best Band Ever!!!!! I have loved these guys right from the very start!! They have and always will be my ultimate favourite band!! I absolutely Loooove the new album and I know they worked soo hard on it, I am so happy that people are finally starting to actually really recognise them in SA!! I Love these guys more than anything and I am so proud of them...they did an amazing job on this album!!! My bedroom is a complete Simple Plan museum...and I am proud of it :o) Love these guys and will forever!!
Dane 2008/03/11 11:08 AM
Too many electro bits to cover the lack of orginality in their music Not really an 'emo' band. Chemical Romance's style is closer to 3rd Wave emo. They are self-styled ' pop punk'. Nice new genre guys. Emo originated as hardcore punk. Finally, how do you 'come running in with a bang"! I'll throw you with some stones.... Weak lyrical content..
innes 2008/06/04 8:40 PM
they fu.. rock ja i agree totaly
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