Sitter - This Masquerade Called Life

2007-11-21 09:20
The opening track “The Inevitable Compromise” is very surprising, leaving you feeling “Hey, this is not so bad”. “Complicated Lives” gives you more of that fuzzy feeling before very cute and fun tribute to Madiba “The Music” (featuring Ou Q) has you wanting to hear more.

Instead, they dash your hopes like a Monday night Idols show with corny lyrics and monotonous tones reminiscent of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”! Still, vocalist Darryn Butcher doesn’t have a bad voice and sometimes Sitter manage to pull things off. On the last 3 tracks they almost redeem themselves: “I’m Not Alright” pulls them out of the damning pit of bad ballads that they were drowning in, with heavy drums to mask the long-winded lyrics. Add a rather articulate guitar solo and voilá, they’ve grabbed just enough rope to save themselves from being a Friday night pub hits covers band.

- Samantha Brighton

This four-piece rock band from Durban sounds rather generic. You feel cheated. It’s something like a great Glomail product that doesn’t deliver on half of its promises.

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