Skunk Anansie - Smashes and Trashes

2009-12-10 12:29
Smashes and Trashes
While classic Skunk tunes like "Charlie Big Potato" strum the anti-establishment strings and "Selling Jesus" resonates with festive season fury for old fans, there are enough catchy riffs and slam to inspire new air guitars and smoke as many guitar heroes.

New song "Tear The Place Up" is true to Skunk rock-and-shock style, so get ready to dust off your boots and banish your Chucks to bedtime. In an interview recently Skin said "I think that people are ready for a bit of in-yer-face tuneful rock music again". "Tear The Place Up" has her walking the talk with lyrics like "Make no mistake I bring you fire…We gonna tear the place up, gonna feel it in your face". While it may make you think that Skin is Tank Girl ready to blast emo off fans like distortion out of an amp, she's left the hardcore clit-rock and black rage at home.

Half the tunes are big, ba(l)d rock ballads piped out Skunk style with thrash guitars, intelligent lyrics and off the chart vocals courtesy of Skin, so the album plays a bit slower like a live album. But as new tune "Because of you" proves, slower doesn't mean less ferocious. Skin's lyrics still bite: "Because of you, the scratches on my face will never be erased by someone else's warmth" and "Because of you all passion, turns to lead, with all my lovers fed pieces of my heart". Later, torch song "Squander" slows things down even further, but hits home with a pair of powerful insights: "If you keep pushing me away, you'll have no one left to love" and "you're less than you should be, why run so hard to finish shy".

So get ready to shed some energy in an articulate intelligent way with Skunk Anansie smashing convention and trashing love. While fans will love this album for reminding of them to rock hard and responsibly, it might also get the teenager down the road to push his fringe out of his eyes and face the world again. It's ok to be angry again, well a bit anyway.

Skunk Anansie bounce back after an eight year absence all juiced up and ready to reinvigorate the stagant rock scene with their greatest hits album boasting fan favourites ("I Can Dream", "Weak", "Secretly") and brand new jams ("Because Of You", "Tear The Place Up" and "Squander").

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