Sliqangel - Isizalo

2008-08-18 17:41
This poem got my attention just after I pressed play on my sound system, it sort of gets you to stop whatever you doing and shift your focus to it.

Remember Sliq Angel's debut songs? This album is almost a continuation of where he left of. Gone are the days where local musicians try imitate they western counterparts. I must admit I'm particularly drawn to Sliq by the lyrical content on this album and his strong vernacular approach to music. "Izimuncumuncu" is a song about this extraordinary beautiful girl whose beauty just blows one away, the carefully arranged instrumentals and backing vocals coming out satisfactorily. Talent is clearly identifiable in diversity. I kinda enjoyed "Rock 'n Roll" in that it highlights his willingness to be a bit innovative - but I don’t think he should consider that route on fulltime basis.
"Sthandwa Sam" featuring Siya (a poet) and "Umjemo" featuring Myman (a rapper and poet) are remarkable collaborations and good compositions. While it's the first time I hear of someone called Stan on "Take me away", the poetic influence is soulfully blended with Sliqangel's voice and the backing vocals.

Pity I can'ts say the same when it comes to "Bambelela" featuring Gang of Instrumentals which makes me wonder if their next offering will be as good as their debut. But we not talking about Gangs of Instrumentals so back to Sliq...this song is like one of those tracks that were thrown in the album cause the artists wanted to do something together or just wanted to add more filler tracks. While I was hoping for a good finish on this album, except for the partnership with GI, Isaziso is a well-balanced album of enjoyable material.

- EnKay

"Jazzy sounds of saxophones married me to landscapes, what I am is a young man with a jazzy heartbeat, funky toes and my soul is neo, but on the flipside I’m pimpified by all means dignified by all deeds and cultured from pure seeds".

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