Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist

2007-07-25 10:43
So this, Mr Corgan is my gripe:
1. Admit it, you only reformed the Pumpkins to escape the complete indifference that greeted your solo escapades.
2. Erm, how come the only other member of the original Pumpkins back for more is drummer Jimmy Chamberlin - the same guy kicked out of the group a zillion times as a result of his drug abuse?
3. Your whine has gotten more nasal with age – and there’s nothing enduring about listening to a old codger whinging.
4. Bleak, gothic imagery and grammatical nonsense is only cute when you’re a young angry grungehead.

5. "Zeitgeist"? What’s up with jumping on the war on terror bandwagon now? Post 9/11 paranoia was so last year dude. And 'irony' just doesn't cut it anymore either.
6. Repeating "Revolution!" over and over does not constitute a revolt.
7. Being blockbuster loud and aggressive doesn’t necessarily make you more politically relevant – just ask Bush.
8. All those truly horrible stadium guitar effects, immense slabs of doom-glam chug, and naff late-period Suede swaggering don’t mask the complete lack of inventiveness or absence of plain ol' quality song writing.

- Miles Keylock

Listening to Zeitgeist is a bit like buying your favourite yogurt only to get home, rip the lid and discover its rancid way beyond its sell-by date. Basically you’re stuck with deciding whether to simply chuck it out and curse yourself for not checking the damn small print first, or going through the mission of taking it back and lodging a complaint. Being a conscientious consumer, I opted for the latter.

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