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Snoop Lion - Reincarnated

2013-06-11 13:15
snoop lion
What we thought:

Snoop Lion's 12th album is on a mission to prove he has changed.

No longer interested in the "gangsta" lifestyle - Snoop's eyes were opened after a trip to the Caribbean island of Jamaica last year - which lead him to publically declare that he was a changed man and would be adopting the ways and culture of a Rastafarian.

Reincarnated is the fruit of this change - showing us a side of the artist we haven’t seen before; socially conscious and desperate to uplift and motivate his listeners. Much of the album is spent spreading a message of peace to the ghetto community, appealing for an end to the violence and destruction that influences so much of the hip-hop music industry.

It is a 360 degree flip for the acclaimed rapper and Snoop Lion has had to face some pretty harsh criticism for his rebirth.

Many fans are not as excited about his awakening, wishing he would stick to the hip-hop genre he knows so well, and reggae fans are also not as convinced that he is the reincarnation of Bob Marley he so ardently declares himself to be.

The music is catchy, effervescent and happy; a combination of contemporary reggae, American pop-music and smooth RnB that left me longing for an island holiday. There were tracks I loved and ones that I skipped through but overall I thought the album was well-produced and enjoyable. 

Best Track:

My favourite track is the radio-single "Light it up". The song is essentially a hip-hop jam with a Jamaican-style dance mix and does well to marry the two genres.

Worst Track: 

My least favourite track was "Fruit Juice". The song is really nothing more than Snoop listing the types of fruit he likes to make juice from.

Sounds Like:

As usual, Snoop collaborates with a wide variety of artists that each brings something different to the album. From Angela Hunt, Akon, Busta Rhymes to child-star Miley Cyrus, the songs reminded me of an array of different styles and songs.  The album has elements of reggae, mellow RnB, hip-hop, Jamaican dancehall and even pop music.

Listen to Reincarnated here:

Reincarnated is the fruit of Snoop Lion's rebirth - showing us a side of the artist we haven't seen before; socially conscious and desperate to uplift and motivate his listeners.
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