South Pacific Island - Putumayo

2006-03-29 21:21

South Pacific Islands is a compilation of beautifully crafted contemporary music from across this remote region. Although the islands are well known for their beauty their music is largely unfamiliar.

Traditional South Pacific music is fused with some reggae and hip-hop beats. Calming sounds of drums and waves splashing create a colourful tapestry of sound and take the listener on a journey beyond the confines of modern living. The music is gentle and raw, full of soft, captivating energy.

Some of the songs are sung in native languages spoken by less than 3000 people, but not being able to understand the lyrics being sung almost adds to the relaxing effect.

All in all, South Pacific Islands is a rewarding listen for those daring few who venture beyond what is familiar.

- Ashlin Simpson

Selected clips are available in the box - take a listen

"Guaranteed to make you feel good!" True to its marketing, South Pacific Islands make you long for lazy summer days on the beach.

Sad but beautiful 2005/03/22 3:07 PM
This music This music is sad and beautiful at the same time. It's calming and uplifting, but far from cheerful.
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