Southern Gypsey Queen - Rise Up

2006-11-17 17:56
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In the songs “Soul Power”, “Heaven’s Light” and “Peggy-Mae” it is clear that American blues has had a strong influence on their music. But while borrowing certain rhythms from the Americans, the band has evolved a unique South African variant of archetypal blues.

Their latest CD sees them exploring this new direction even further. They move away from only playing the blues to experiment with a new fusion style of retro rock, folk, country, reggae and old southern gospel. This new sound works for them. Their new album is testimony to that.

Songs like “Miss me”, “Change” and “Not Alone” are vocally based, sing-along rock songs and evident of the new direction.

One of the band’s special elements is that they have three strong vocalists at the helm. In poppier moments, this helps them stand out, though the male voices work better bluesier songs. Though lead female Tammy Wilson’s voice is not as powerful as you'd expect from a blues singer, it does add an interesting flavour to their sound.

Their lyrics are positive, free of the teen angst and whining that's so prevelent on the rock scene. Their songs deal with issues many young South Africans face in an open-minded and positive way.

“Rise Up” - slower and barer than the rest of their material, with clear vocals and acoustic guitar backing - it is one of the strongest songs on the album.

- Annel Malan
  • Catch Southern Gypsey Queen, Blues Broers, the Albert Frost Trio, Gerald Clark and Piet Botha at the Table Mountain Blues Summit festival on 25 November at the Tafelberg Tavern in Hope Street. More info .

    After a six year journey Southern Gypsey Queen has arrived at a South African blues crossroads, and their professional, slick music is accessible, and at times inspired.
  • Seth Howse 2006/11/29 2:21 PM
    Rise Up You guys rock, when are you coming back to Durban, remember me Seth, Mojos and the Blues Festival.?
    Lizelle le Roux 2008/02/18 12:25 PM
    Awesome fresh music My favourite is 'Souls of Africa', the range you guys cover is awesome... I still remember getting goose bumps from Paul's drumming in Molteno... you're the man... I can hear your soul. So happy you're all doing so well!!! Come over to play in AUS... Bless you all!
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