Southern Gyspy Queen - Be The Lion

2007-11-29 13:07
Then there’s a dreary jaunt in which the lead vocalist drones on about why radio stations should play their song that’s actually called "Radio Revolution". Try this desperate plea on for size "Radio revolution, play this song, we got the heat so turn it up, we'll turn you on." It’s nauseating how one rock lyric cliché after another is trotted out, the most abominable being on "What's Your Name" which opens with: “Hey baby what's your name. You little fox you. Every time you walk on by, every time you shake that ass." Need we say more?

Well, the awful songwriting on Be The Lion wouldn't be a problem if the music was actually catchy and listenable, but the vocals and melodies are just tired and mediocre. Honestly how many times do we need the chords of Ram Jam's "Black Betty" and Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" reshuffled and spat back at us? Gareth Wilson the lead male vocalist sounds like a wimpy Chad Kroger mixed with an emasculated Shaun Morgan. Lead female vocalist Tammy Wilson just sounds like Avril Lavinge on a bad hair day. Anything nice to say about this album? Well, there are three Wilson's in Southern Gypsy Queen , so it’s really cute how they've managed to turn making bad music into a family business. Kudos.

Be The Lion is tragically boring. For starters, it sounds like it was recorded in someone’s garage. This is a bad thing.

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Nina 2007/12/03 1:44 PM
The One CD I will buy this Year Dear “We”, If I don’t receive this CD in my Christmas stocking this year – I am buying it. This is one of the best original local releases of the year. This band is rocking and if you have a good listen, their lyrics are truly inspirational!! Tammy’s sincere vocals give me goosebumps in “Tonight I Weep” and I can’t seem to get the catchy “Be The Lion” out of my head – there is truly nothing tired or mediocre here. I’ve been to a few of their gigs and really enjoy this band’s energy. This “live” feeling isn’t lost in the production either. I really appreciate it as so many albums are so overproduced that it has no bearing on the actual live sound of the artists. Turn it up, they turn me on! Nina
Lani Alexis 2007/12/03 2:28 PM
Boring you say? So, writer without the guts to write his/her/its name with such a foul written review. Did you actually listen to the album or do you prefer to look at the pretty pictures? Be The Lion is one of the most inspiring, rocking albums that I have heard to date! I promise you there are thousands of fans that would violently disagree with you about your unfounded and sour comments. If you have ever attended a SGQ show you would know the passion and intensity that SGQ performs with.They're lyrics relate to issues that affect all races and genders in modern day society. But by the looks of you horrendous choice of primary school tauntings you obviously don't function in our society. I double dare you to attend a live show and still have the false bravado to say those venomous word which you sell as professional criticism. Regards, Lani Alexis.
Peach 2007/12/06 2:38 PM
I agree Its a bad album. Lyrics suck. Boring riffs. Its been done before. Nothing new and nothing that inspires me. Album number 2 was already bad. This im afraid is just plain shocking. The new album sucks donkey @#$% I agree live the songs sound better. But recorded its over produced and they tried to hard to make it sound all pretty. they need to roughen up again and go raw and rocking.
Kristy West 2007/12/07 12:48 AM
get your head checked that's all i have to say to this reviewer
Donovan 2007/12/07 8:04 AM
Group Therapy and the Jilted Stalker After a quick flick through several album reviews I found that the only review without a name attached was the malicious, personal attach on the inimitable Southern Gypsey Queen. It's difficult to surmise if the reviewer is an escaped lunatic or just a jilted stalker, but the fact remains, this individual took it upon himself to attack a band of sincere, consummate, hard working musos in such a derogatory and public fashion. This is not the review of a literary professional, nor the words of a person with any form of musical knowledge or experience. This is mere the ranting of a bitter cretin with a personal axe to grind. Gypsey fans can take solace in the fact that most mental care facilities do not have a catch and release policy - and troubled individuals such as the above mentioned reviewer will soon be back to finger painting during afternoon group. Safe in the knowledge that meds is served before evening custard. The album is a great piece of work - honest - powerful
Billa 2007/12/07 9:02 AM
SA music Yup, everybody is right and everybody is wrong. I do not like or dislike the band, I know them personally and think that they are good musicians with a dream and brave enough to still put hard work and effort into their passion. The reviewer is entitled to his opinion, and so are the fans, but keep in mind, the SA music industry is harsh and folks like this reviewer is the cause of many original bands turning to "commercial sounds" and "cliché" riffs, thus the old saying of "everything sounds the same".SGQ is grown up enough to turn this review into something positive, I doubt if the reviewer will be able to do the same with the criticism he receives.That is the difference between reviewing music and making it.
pravda23 2007/12/07 9:56 AM
deliciously opinionated critting something too heavily doesn't make one a good writer.
James 2007/12/07 9:56 AM
Kak review There, i said it.
Andre 2007/12/07 10:00 AM
Pravda23 is so right It doesn't make you a good writer. Funny that the coward who wrote this review doesn't even have the guts to publish their name at the bottom.
darren leite 2007/12/07 10:02 AM
leave the review writer alone It's unfair to attack this review writer. Leave Britney alone.
Craig 2008/05/08 11:08 AM
The reviewer should own up! Did you actually listen to the album? What is nauseating is this review not the music. What's up with the personal attcks on the vocalists? How would bad hair affect Avril's voice. Are you trained journalist? SGQ are undeniably talented and while the odd lyric or riff may be clichéd you haven't bothered to point out the good points, the energy and the sound. These guys ROCK!
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