Spider-Man 2 - official soundtrack - Spider-Man 2 - official soundtrack

2006-03-29 19:07
This guileless collection of sugary, rousingly American and loudly tacky mainstream rock numbers is perfect in its context. An accessible Emo edge gives the collection boyish sincerity, and makes it a fitting accompaniment to an hour or two spent perving Kirsten Dunst as she interacts with state of the art action effects and the unthreateningly beautiful Toby McGuire.

The songs on this CD are only about ten times more subtle than the average rugby or football anthem, which isn't saying much. But there's a nice tune or two. Dashboard confessional opens with their hit "Vindicated" (unpopular with Dashboard fans but big with radio playlisters), Jet's psuedo vintage "Hold on" is cute, Mardon's tastefully seductive "Woman" stylishly cool stuff.

But when you're not caught up in the big sound and energy web of the actual movie, the endless layered vocals lamenting the loneliness of Spider-man in a world that doesn't understand might become monotonously overemotional after a while.

The last two tracks are given over to the real Spider-man movie-style themes: Danny Elfman's "Spidey Suite" and "Doc Okc Suite".

Overall, a nice album, though it's really no more than a spin off - if you'll forgive the pun - from a great mass-market movie.

- Jean Barker


If you like cookie-cutter bands and weak, uninspired songs, please pick this up. Or if you really, REALLY miss soundtracks from the nineties, this should provide a nice little flashback. Otherwise, ignore the gigantic FBI warning on the back and try to download the Yellowcard and Ataris tracks.
- Bill Hanstock for 411mania.com, who gave it 3/10

Train, Hoobastank and the rest bring on the musical pyrotechnics with dollar signs burning in their eyes.
- Barry Walters for Rolling Stone, who gave it **

...the latest installment of the comic book saga leans heavily toward explosive tunes by strapping tattooed men who aren't afraid to cry...
- Aidin Vaziri for Amazon.com

It's a movie soundtrack! That's right - a romantic action movie that must be approached with a mixture of suspended disbelief, suspended good taste, pop corn and wonderfully disgusting cool drinks. That's what Spidey movies are all about - fun with a bit of real feeling and childish wonder thrown in to seal the deal.

NIKKI 2004/07/20 12:04 PM
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