Springbok Nude Girls - Goddank vir Klank! - The Nude Girls return... again.

2006-03-29 19:12

They broke up. Then their Last Concert Ever followed their Last Concert Ever. And then a year or so ago, it started again. A last reunion concert ever, followed by another last reunion concert ever. Then came fresh threats that you'd never see them again. Forcing you to go to every gig you could, just in case.

Because if you're a fan, you'll never quite get enough of the Nude Girls. They're not only a live band with real sex appeal, they've also got the songs. And they have this special ability to make you feel like you're the star on stage when really, you're just another idiot in the audience, jumping up and down, shouting and spilling your drink.

And they're on tour right now. They're on their first Final Ten Year Reunion Tour (details here - catch them, it's your last chance - again!) And they've also released this CD.

You may already have most of what's on Disk One. It's exactly the same selection you'll find on the cleverly titled The Fat Lady Sings (released 2001 after their first Final Tour Ever) 18 amazing, catchy, but never stupid tracks. Songs like "Blue Eyes" and "Bubblegum On My Boots" are unforgettable pieces. You can't beat this lyric from "Lonely": I'll have the persistence of a falling star.

Disc 2 is a different story. Interesting, yes, but also slightly scrappy. It's a mish-mash of the previously unreleased, the previously un-remixed, and the always a bit unpopular. But somehow, as a collection for fans, CD 2 keeps its cool. Opening with the gorgeous build up from quiet plucked guitar of "Come to Blur", it storms to "Roses for the Soul", works from the tortured and tense "Blondie" to the only Afrikaans track "Pappa Ek Wil 'n Popster Word". It experiments with weirdly classical elements on many later tracks - from string quartets (the lovely "Baseball") to choral introductions ("Stay"). There's even a touch of rock flavoured dance remixing. And don't miss the sweaty, sexy, dangerous stadium march of "Kill the World".

Lyricism, Arno's perfect rock voice, and the dramatic, brash, very sincere rock 'n' roll gees that's always been their trademark glue this weird mix together.

The sleeve is no big deal - they could have made more of their cover art - but the liner does feature cool old pics of the band, both tastefully nude, and clothed, at various junctures, with full studio credits listed for each song. And the part- tasteful remake, part-satire of the old Springbok albums is cool as always.

What can I say? Get it, stay home with it.

- Jean Barker


If you're a fan of the Nudies this double disc package is an essential addition to your collection and an aural trip down memory lane. If you're too young to remember Arno and the boys setting the stage alight at Oppikoppi make sure you buy the album, learn the words and go and scream your lungs out at one of their upcoming gigs. It might be your last chance...
- Richard Holmes for iafrica.com

The Springbok Nude Girls (or the "Nude Girls", as breathless fans call them) are the kings of SA rock. And this double CD collection shows how they've earned their place at the top.

jon 2004/08/03 11:16 AM
The Fat Lady Sings an encore I already have The Fat Lady Sings. I feel a bit cheated by them forcing me to guy it AGAIN in order to get CD two. I think they should sell the 2nd CD seperately to those of us who already have the Fat Lady. And then just reform, permanently, and stay together. Matthew van der Want and Chris Letcher - "Bignity"
antonie 2005/02/10 2:39 PM
Ha! Fooled again I see the bokkies are playing at the Rage for the Revolution concert in Cape Town (another final performance no doubt) on Sat 12 Feb 2005.
nikki lategan 2007/04/20 12:38 PM
miss i love it,and i love arno.
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