2007-08-17 15:16
Let’s not mess around: from the first cut on this collection of pained tracks it is clear this IS Radiohead reworked for Coldplay fans. Derivative? Sure, but these bass-driven, piano-decorated tracks, strung on a nostalgic filigree of electronics and singing are hard not to love. The half-asleep, teary vocals recall Thom Yorke before he experimented himself into pop-scurity, the piano sets the clocks forward with acoustic morphing of trance dance’s long phrases.

So if front man Chris James’ overuse of that little crackly vocal trick they adore on Idols doesn’t infuriate you, and if you miss that late-90s thrill of truly romantic pop-rock pain (before we discovered the tattoos-and-nu-dance cocktail), give this a listen for a fresh blast from the recent past.

- Jean Barker

PS: Look out for Chris James’ as yet unannounced solo debut. He does vocals, keyboards, guitars and hot rock star poses. So it’s coming, just you watch.

It may not be original. It may not be fashionable in 2007. It may not even be a classic. But it is beautiful.

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