Stereophonics - Keep Calm And Carry On

2010-03-31 11:43
Keep Calm and Carry On
After listening to songs like "Beerbottle", "Innocent", and "Stuck In A Rut", I couldn't help thinking: preferring ice in my glass of (sometimes very cheap) red wine on a hot day is actually okay, preferring flats instead of high heels is actually okay, preferring to sit cross-legged on the floor instead of prim and properly on a chair is…yes, actually okay. The Explanation: Subliminal Messaging.

"You think you're pretty special mixing you social circle... you're a fake" states lead singer Kelly on the-morning-after lament "I Got Your Number". Questioning society's criteria for acceptable behaviour seems to be a recurring theme of Keep Calm. How do these lyrical gems grab you: "so what do you got without your credit card?" and "The undercurrent of the underdog will wipe the floor with your suit and job"? Weird, I know.

Not only does Stereophonics preach the gospel of non-conformity, but they also advise you to live life to the fullest, with the simple declararation "Don't be afraid to dream, but live life here and now, 'cause that's what's real" on stadium-ready anthem "Live 'n Love". Another definite highlight musically and lyrically is good old fashioned rock ballad "Could You Be the One for Me", which is all about falling head over heels in love and finding Mrs Right. While Kelly's signature Red Label rasp on "100MPH" all the rebels without a cause another convincing reason to rock. 

Chart-topping Welsh rockers, Stereophonics, keep the faith with their 7th studio album, Keep Calm and Carry On, embedding their customary funky, chunky sex, drugs and rock 'n roll fuelled party jams with some refreshingly personal lyrics.

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