Steriogram - Schmack! - Steriogram - Schmack!

2006-03-29 19:01

Lead rap vocalist Tyson of this New Zealand band sounds at times like a very deep voiced singer on helium. Or on Something, anyhow: You do the dishes baby / I'll do the drying / if you're pretty come on... Or If you wanna see see white trash I'll show you white trash / 'cause I'm white trash, I'm real white trash... they must be joking!

Let's hope they're joking - self depricating boyishness is one of these dudes's coolest personality traits. Think Rage Against the Machine without the political will, Nirvana meets Pearl Jam minus the emotional depth. Then "just add lager" and you got their recipe for commercial rock success.

They're rarely subtle, though the ballad "Be good to me" showcases their potential for creating more delicate arrangments.

Not that you'll really want them to tone it down. Pleasantly unoriginal, Steriogram make being angry seem like a real party. It's the kind of music needs to be amphed loud to work though, so if you hit town late at night with this in your car stereo, keep your windows closed, or the cops are likely to hear it, stop you, breathalyze you, and search you for drugs.

- Jean Barker


With greater energy than Russia's Kalinin Nuclear Power Station, faster than a 3.8 - 1996 Lamborghini Diablo SV and a tad more addictive than your mamma's home-made-secret-recipe chocolate mud cake, 'Schmack' is simply a must own album bursting full of innovative tunes, carefree and comical plots, and a pioneering ability to combine rock, rap and punk-metal into a bouncingly good time.
- Glen MacKellaig for

"Schmack!" is an effort that has the potential to make ripples through the commercial rock scene, as its sugarcoated quirkiness is catchy and very effectual to those who don't listen to music on the deeper levels. The lyrics are rather shallow and fun, which is what Steriogram primarily establish themselves as.
- by Simon for

Street-punky rapped rock with plenty of catchy layered-vocal choruses, enthusiastic drums, speedy, bouncing electric guitar and a real feel for melody and harmonic counterpoint.

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