Steve Hofmeyr - Waarmaker

2008-01-10 11:10
Steve ‘The Hoff’ Meyr is back. Only this time he’s more ‘Hoff’ than Meyr. This is not the ‘serious’ philosopher or Afrikaans activist you see in the media, this is Bruce Beyers through and through. Jip, this is the old Steve we remember from 1990, the pop rebel without a pause: blonde kuifie, torn snow jeans, red bandanna and all.

No surprises then that Waarmaker is a series of outdated electric guitar riffs ripped from “Eye of a Tiger” and romantic Afrikaans lyrics sung in a raspy voice mixed over sokkie rave tracks. Yawn. It’s nothing new. In fact it’s eerie how old this ‘new’ album sounds. Hell, he’s even invited 90s Afro-pop princess Claire Johnston round for a duet called “Adore”.

Waarmaker is one giant flashback. Just press play and within the first five seconds of “Se Nou” you’ll be doing Flashdance moves. No! Stop imagining funky synthesizers, sexy tights, oversized shirts and chunky jewelry. Think mullets and matching tracksuits. Think Orkney Snorkney, Boney M, rugby shorts and Snor City… Jip, this takes you right back to apartheid and Pik and PW Botha. Raaaight. So has Steve lost it? Or is there some method lurking somewhere in his retro madness? Can it be that under the frivolous veneer of synthesizers, red hearts and Blue Steel Bruce Beyers is making a political statement? Is his music selling nostalgia? Is it making Afrikaners long for a time where they had a prominent place in society or is it just about making a quick buck by borrowing Bok van Blerk’s magic “De La Rey” muti?

Well, this may not be the inspiration behind the whole album, but it is the idea behind the secret bonus track after “Donkie-song”. Just when you think the torture is over there’s a pause and then marching band drums herald a rap about how the Boere have paid their debt and should be left alone. “Aan die spiespunt van die NP en ’n verskroeide aarde. Ek het my prys betaal. 10 000 keer, 11 000 keer, 12 000 keer. Dit loop af uit my are en wonde en lê in die stof van die grond wie ek is.” If he wanted to be outright political this track would probably not have been hidden.

'Who buys this crap,' you ask? 100 000 South Africans apparently. Jip, according to Steve’s blog, by Christmas Day 2007 the album had gone quadruple platinum. Is it because they are hooked on nostalgia and Afrikaner unity or because they actually enjoy lo-fi recordings of bad 80s guitar solos and repetitive choruses? You decide.

- Annél Malan

Bruce Beyers is back. And guess what? He’s asking South Africans to party like it is 1990.

Goda 2008/01/09 4:48 PM
Ha ha ha! Love it.
Hendrik Bester 2008/01/09 5:15 PM
Annel Malan Annel next you try to rate a icon like Steve or his music take the fluf out of your ears and listen properly to it. You should not rate anything.
Salomé 2008/01/10 7:52 AM
Hokaai Annél Seems to me you belong to the techno-crazy-sci-fi-airheads group. We South Africans, whether Afrikaans, English, Yiddish, White, Black, Green or Yellow, DO believe in the NEW South Africa, with all it's good and bad. Do we thrash music of the 80's from say, American Popstars? No. So why go after Steve, the one guy who has always stood up to his mistakes, who has always bettered himself. He does not have clayfeet like so many others I can name. Live and let Live. That's the way to go! We love you Steve.
Kat 2008/01/10 8:32 AM
Live and let Annel live It is inane to state that because Annél doesn't like this music that she's an airhead. It is also a fairly large jump to insinuate that because she doesn't like Steve's new album she doesn't believe in the NEW South Africa! As far as I can tell she is fairly complimentary of Steve (stating that he's a ‘serious’ philosopher and Afrikaans activist) and is simply critical of his new work. Which, I should think, is allowed, and is not the same as, let's say, being attached personally.
Lilian 2008/01/10 8:45 AM
Steve - Waarmaker Thank God there are still clean-cut öld-fashioned" icons around! I would prefer my son to look like steve, stand up for what he believes in! - own up to his mistakes and not blame the rest of the world, apartheid-era inclusive, sing (and write) songs you can actually sing along with AND understand the words! My goodness me! Look at popstars like Britney Spears, etc etc etc. . . i sure as hell do not want them in my house! ! ! Ag nee sies man, los tog vir ou Stevie uit! Hyís 'n man met 'n ruggraat!!!!
Chrissie 2008/01/10 8:57 AM
Clueless You call this a review ????????? Do you even know the difference between a stilhetto and a stacatto? It is so old hat to dump on Afrikaners. Your attempt at a review reveiled more about you than the new compact disc. Try and learn from Rolling Stone Magazine.
Carine 2008/01/10 9:01 AM
Set-up Are you being paid to pull a Deon Maas just to get a reaction?
Ernst 2008/01/10 9:04 AM
annel malan dankie tog elkeen is tot sy eie siening geregtig. Hier word 'n afrikaanse album in engels gekritiseer. Dalk word die afrikaanse kultuur nog nie verstaan nie. Kritiek is tog deel van enige projek maar nie afbreekmaak nie. Dalk is dit nie een van Steve se beste albums nie, maar dit bly nog in 'n hoër klas. EMI het tog nie dit sommer net op die rak gesit nie...
Willemien Filmalter 2008/01/10 9:10 AM
Annel Malan "Aan die spiespunt van die NP"...Haha! I don't think so, girl! Try "impie", as in Zulu warrior!
Irene 2008/01/10 9:15 AM
Smaak verskil Sorry Annél maar alle Afrikaans sprekendes LOVE hierdie album. Sonder die politiek. Dit laat ons net terug verlang na 'n tyd waar ons op straat met ons fietse kon ry, winkel toe kon stap, by die skool kon speel en sorgeloos wees. Ek love Steve en my Waarmaker nog meer. So shut up
Wesley 2008/01/10 9:20 AM
??? Who asked you anyway??
Azel 2008/01/10 9:33 AM
Geregtigheied Hey Annél, ek lees mweb se nuus stukke redelik baie. Ek was regtig nogals geskok vnoggend oor jou artikel van Steve. Ja, ek glo almal het hul eie opinie. Ek glo net dat mens ander mense se smaak met respek behandel en nie jou eie waansinnige smaak 'n uitstekende afrikaanse sanger so laat beswadder nie. Steve was nog net goed vir die afrikaanse kultuur, moenie jou swak skryf styl goeie mense laat afbring nie.
Gogga 2008/01/10 9:37 AM
Ek besluit In jou hele siening is daar slegs een ware deel : "You decide". Gelukkig bly dit die verbruiker se keuse en 100 000 Suid Afrikaners plus dink hy is 'n uitstekende kunstenaar en hierdie CD Waarmaker is net nog 'n bewys. Skryf eerder iets oor Britney Spears se "breakdown".....
Jaco Ellis 2008/01/10 9:40 AM
Mweb Pleaaase!! Must politics be brought into each and every review!!Mweb isn't it possible to ask people with enough brains to do a review on the merits/or lack therof of a album, and not on their own political viewpoints.The reviews of SA music has clearly become a joke and waist of webspace.
Riaan 2008/01/10 9:42 AM
100 000 Ek stem saam met Annel. Hier word n Afrikaanse Album ge-krit in engels. As jy iets wil skryf oor musiek gaan doen dit met Britney. 100 000 en meer as enige ander album in SA. Go Steve Go
cathy 2008/01/10 9:52 AM
shame annél Shame Annél, jy's so teen Afrikaans, dan's jou naam en van nogal Afrikaans...
Lisa 2008/01/10 9:53 AM
Steve bly TOPS Niemand sal ooit soos Steve kan wees nie. Hy is uniek in sy eie musiek.... Hy het sy eie styl en trek derduisende mense aan en hy sal dit altyd doen..... Sy CD is puik
Petro 2008/01/10 10:03 AM
Waarmaker Mal daar oor hoop steve is nog vir jare besig om mooi liedtjies te skryf Hy mag,kan en sal altyd n gunsteling wees
Edith 2008/01/10 10:04 AM
Edith Steve jy is Stunning!!! Ek hoop jy maak nog duisende albums!!!
Pieter 2008/01/10 10:11 AM
Great Review I agree with Annel. In fact i will always agree with Annel cos she's hot! :) It's a crappy album. I dont know why ppl bought 100 000 albums. Steve is stuck in the 80's, and should stay there along with his other talentless big haired large breasted artists like patricia lewis. Besides, I dont think u can blame Annel for being "political". The review is not political, however, the guys buying 100 000 albums supporting a talentless artist must be a political cos I wouldn't waste my money on such kak.
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