Sugababes - Change

2007-11-29 06:10
Maybe it's the constant line-up changes or just a general lack of initiative on the producer's behalf, but it seems like everyone just got tired of being 'creative' after the first two songs here were finished. The only decent offerings on the CD, "About You Now" and "Never Gonna Dance Again" almost seem as if they belong on another album. They are fresh and addictive pop ditties that both carry the requisite 'press repeat' factor.

All the anti-hype blogs drone on and on about how the Sugababes are contrived, generic and mechanised pop budgies and yes, Change completely reinforces these shortcomings. Still, these girls do try and have an interesting vocal sound and all their voices are quite distinct. Let’s hope their next album- they're signed to a ten album deal - is a really big change (excuse the pun) from this lukewarm sales pitch.

- Erica Chidi

Change really is a step down for the Sugababes. It’s a filler album: the sort of stop gap that hits the shelves when record label execs bank on style rather than substance to sell an album. So they punt two or three decent songs, hoping no one will notice the fillers.

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Kyle 2007/12/10 2:52 PM
Change is a good thing. . . The Sugababes have always relied on their forceful attitudes and different personalities to provide us with good music and Change is no different. The babes have successfully managed to release an album that grabs your attention and keeps you hooked. 'About You Now' is as catchy as a cold in the winter time is probably the most succesful and interesting song that the babes have yet released. The album then moves on to 'Never Gonna Dance Again' which could easily be classified as an up-beat ballad which is set on a dancefloor. It's one of the more attractive songs on the album. 'Denial' presents us with a more darker and more bass infused song that wouldn't have been out of place on a Kelly Clarkson album. 'My Love Is Pink' is the poppiest song on the album and is filled with the babes attitude in it's up-beat melody. Title track and second single 'Change' is the first of a few r'n'b ballads on the album. It's one of the finest from the babes as it relies on their harmonies
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