Sum 41 - Underclass Hero

2007-08-28 21:08
Instead, you get track after track of the same half-erect cock rock drivel about not needing anyone or anyone or anything. It’s childishly abusive towards those it addresses – like Mom and Dad - who they don’t miss. Cause they’re like, out walking up and down no-name streets and sulking and stuff, see. Don’t worry Ma, they’ll pop in to get their underpants laundered sometime, and to see you smile. Bet you can’t wait, Ma. Underclass Hero? Underpants Idiot, more like.
Now and again the odd barbershop-flavoured ooh ooh ooh sweetness breaks the mould in an opening gambit to a track (“Speak of the Devil”), and the odd clever background refrain (“Count Your Blessings”) makes it all less monotonous. But mostly this is childish stadium rock with melodies and melodies so unimaginative that Sunday hymns seem unfathomable by comparison. Every track starts off quiet, ends with the boys rocking out. Predictable just doesn’t cover it.

It’s hard not to feel deeply embarrassed on behalf of the thousands of people who will actually be fooled, and buy this stupid record.

- Jean Barker

The CD looks promising, if not exactly original, with its etched black and bright pink album art and the Island label promising something a bit edgy and dangerous. But what’s on top is not inside.

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andre 2007/08/28 8:49 PM
the cover was worth it seems like the cover is the best thing about this album
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