Supergrass - 10 - Supergrass - 10

2006-03-29 19:43

Supergrass are loud but not hard, energetic but relaxing, sometimes meaningful but hard to describe as "heavy". And on this compilation, they always sound like they're having a ball playing Rock 'n' Roll.

Their music is lavishly strewn with the influence of genres from Britpop to Glam to classic bluesy rock 'n' roll, to perfectly executed melodic rock pieces, to some bizarrely cheerful grunge (Click song titles clips on the left hand side to listen). They range from the massive party hit "Alright", to the glam "It's Not Me", to the melodic "Moving", to the to grungy "Strange ones".

Supergrass have spent their first ten years leaping into musical boxes, then popping out with something surprisingly original. But, not being charlatans, they gave every borrowed flavour their own stamp. This makes them perfect for a greatest hits package - they offer more variety than most bands will bring to the format. If you liked those derivative but cute radio boy babes Jet a little bit, you'll really go for Supergrass's vastly superior antics.

It's teenage pillow fighting, driving over speed bumps, drunk on beer, rock music. Buzzy, brash, prominently cheered vocals and slightly psychedelic production hold their hits together in an album that's almost too much fun.

*Only clips from selected songs are provided (see left)

- Jean Barker


Supergrass, with their affable geezery bonhomie and grins should have called this album Greatest Hits, the term was made for them. I get the same feeling from I Should Coco as from Camper Van Beethoven's Telephone Free Landslide Victory. It makes me want to approach miserable-looking strangers and hug them.
- Michard Reltzer for

"Somewhere in those good vibrations, Supergrass become one of the funnest bands of the 90s..."
- Mark Hogan for

This is a great collection of music from a great band. Here's hoping Supergrass make it to their 20th birthday.
- David Trueman for

Top UK rock critic David Quantick sparklingly described Supergrass as "four year olds with beards". But if most four year olds were this soulfully entertaining, everyone would have themselves a few.

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