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Sweetback - Stage [2] - Sweetback - Stage [2]

2006-03-29 19:19

Starring the gorgeous and silky-voiced Aya, the core of Sweetback is actually the seductive Sade's backing band - Stuart Matthewman, Andrew Hale and Paul S Denman.

Sweetback do the sexy pop thing with elegance and soul - never soppy, but with plenty of mellow romantic moments. They're a million miles ahead of the cheap 'n' nasty pop teens salaciously marketed as "virgins" to aging sexual perverts. Instead their music is infused with the kind of delicious lust and yearning you feel when a new lover's just about to walk through the door and find you waiting.

With velvet-tongued lyrics like You've met your match / Waterfalls down her back this music isn't a "matter of taste". It also goes beyond just being a seduction soundtrack. Beautiful, simple and sweetly addictive. You'll want it again and again.

- Jean Barker


Stage 2's tone is set from jump by "Voodoo Breath" with its nicety blend of Portishead misterio and Chocolate Genius's funk rock steez. Though CG shines even brighter on "Circles," and Santilli and Stingly give mellow house on "Mountain," Stage 2's real muse is Aya. From the new wave-bopping "Things You'll Never KNow" to "Sing to Be Safe," Aya lifts Stage 2 to that other place few get to.
- Tom Terrel on

Sweetback's stock-in-trade is creating the sort of silky sounds that serve a singular purpose: Convincing that special someone to get naked, pronto. And at that, they do at least as well as their erstwhile boss, Sade. Sometimes even better.
- David Peisner on

From the very first of many slow fingersnap beats, Sweetback's second album oozes sex, sex, and more sex. This is how "Voodoo Breath" begins: On rented sheets / with a cut up dress / and a forked tongue at my thigh.

lindi 2004/09/01 2:29 PM
Sade and her legacy These guys are much more inventive and varied than Sade ever was. She's more smooth schmaltz. These guys have much more punch. They're much hotter and more up to date! Nana - Five Loaves and Two Fish
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