T'Zozo en Professor - Togetherness

2007-08-01 14:54
You may remember them from their 2005 hit "Woz’e Durban". It seems the kwaito stars from eThekwini are hitmakers. Their latest offering is riding high on playlist at parties and radio stations from GP to WP and back to KZN. Find out what people on the street think about their new CD, Togetherness.

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When you hear "Amantombazane" by T'Zozo en Professor, you can't help but break out in dance. So we discovered when we took the kwaito-house crew’s new CD to the streets.

thandi 2007/07/21 2:41 PM
Durban kwaito rocks big time!
thenjiwe 2007/07/23 9:26 AM
amantombazane it is a very nice song u rock guys come to Cape Town and u will hear the song allover the places
tobasko 2007/07/23 9:30 AM
woz'e Durban the talent is lying in Durbs, and its about time u listen to Thekwini talent!!!! if u dnt knw now u knw!!!
THANDIWE 2007/07/23 12:07 PM
Nikiwe 2007/07/23 12:58 PM
Amantombazana I love this song, I even have it has my ringtone. Its hot and you can't help but dance to the song.
ANDILE HLANGU 2007/07/23 2:28 PM
chiney 2007/07/23 2:40 PM
Hot!!! Cape Town loves this song, you guys always deliver. Keep doing your thang!!!
Brian 2007/07/23 3:08 PM
Amantambazane thsese durban boys. must say it is off the hinges they rock!!!!!
linda 2007/07/23 4:05 PM
new voice of durban new voice of durban
denge 2007/07/24 5:21 PM
heita hola u rock! keep doing your thing.
mzokoloko 2007/07/25 6:02 PM
profesa n tzozo i have a copy of da cd its on my car radio right now...its one of da best to come out this year ...the lyrics are super,don't just listern to the beat ...prof and tiza are hear to change the music industry for ever....clearly dbn is da futer of dance music...i recently heard dj cindo also from dbn and woooow
Fish 2007/07/26 2:12 PM
Amantombazane Heita hola,Ziyawa kwa Z.....B'fethu the CD is Hot Hot njenga mantombazane....Hook the bratha with free beees.
mbongeni 2007/07/27 9:58 AM
rate it i realy lyk ur style guyz it 2 HOT to handle.yemantombazana
lungile aka nie 2007/08/24 9:47 PM
kyafiwiwa kyabhengiwa it rocks, guys keep up the gud work. niyangwasha profesa no tzozo
akona 2008/08/11 8:42 PM
i love it i love all thier albums especially the first one , it rocks bt most of all i love thier dancer i even dream about him, where ever he is i want him to know that i a mad about him. thank you.
Poison gal 2008/08/22 10:43 PM
the dancer yeah akona i knw his hot.i used to date him. bt he aint that great after all..his got too many galz on his fingers.im still mad abt him..eish!.bt damn that boy cn dance.
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