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2006-03-29 19:46

Dedicated Talking Heads fans wanting the Talking Heads they used to (or still do) own on vinyl will probably already have Popular Favorites 1976-1992/Sand In the Vaseline. These people can stop reading now - they got a better compilation. Both that album and this one are remastered, but Sand in the Vaseline has both a much cooler title, and a much more extensive song selection. There's also a remastered version of The Name of this Band is Talking Heads - it's a slightly more left field compilation, with special features for the hard core super groupie.

In other words, you could do better than this particular Best of.

But Best of is a cool collection of songs by this unforgettable band. Remember, these are the guys (and girl) who turned the New York "art rock" scene on its smug little head, by being both original AND hugely popular. Headed by the charismatic David Byrne, the man who made loose formal suits look trendy, their music stands the test of time.

Byrne's razor sharp, elasticated vocals cut through the percussive, tightly wound backing. Talking Heads were a band who were more musically adventurous and better produced (by Brian Eno) than most of the other talent kicking around town at the time. Nothing sounds quite like the Talking Heads. Though some of their stuff is an acquired taste, the hits on this CD will probably appeal to most radio listeners as well as to fans.

The CD packaging, though not too generous with paraphernalia, does provide notes on each song, and comments from fellow artists who admire the band's work. There are also a few pics of the band in their early days, featuring hilarious 70s hair and awful tan corduroy clothes.

So there we have it. 18 tracks of funky pop injected with rock, Afro-bongo, glam and another influence that can only be described as "Talking Heads". If you like it, invest in every album they ever made. Nothing so 80s is better than this.

- Jean Barker


" of the most adventurous and influential bands ever."

"This collection is more than enough to whet the appetite and extensive enough to give a flavor of the varied genres explored by the band."

A Talking Heads best of compilation could never be anything less than amazing, so the only way to improve this CD would be to add more songs.

lily 2004/10/20 4:43 PM
cool I got a girlfriend with bows in her hair, nothing is better than that. (Something something) stop making sense, making sense making sense Naked by Talking Heads
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