Taxi Violence - Untie Yourself

2007-02-05 16:07
The title track, free, here

Meet one of the few rock acts in South Africa that doesn't suspiciously resemble a record company tax write-off. No coincidence - they're not with a record company.

Canny vocals, modest and marvellous drums, some of the best guitar work in the country, melancholic yet catchy melodies - this in itself would raise Taxi Violence above the rest. But add to that gorgeous CD design, a free video for "Jimi's Revenge" on the CD, and a live act that's hotter than a Karroo railway track, and this band wins the fight.

Though preppier Just Jinjer fans might find these bare-chested kids too grungy, they share something with one of SA rock's best exports - they reach beyond the angry teen white boy Seattle-knockoff market. There's something approachable about their thoughtfully sexed up boyishness on tracks like "Jimi's Revenge". And they're not short of songs - with 13 bouncing tracks to offer on this debut, they prove they've got the most important thing of all: songwriting talent. Beats, attitude, every time.

They'll remind you of other bands you love, but their energy is all their own. Joyous, sweaty, sensual and very rock 'n roll. Taxi Violence are polished and tight as a snake - the work has paid off - but they haven't lost their edge. So music fans, for your jumping up and down, your Friday hangover, your faith and your bucks, you are about to be rewarded.

- Jean Barker

Note: Untie Yourself is for sale at branches of Vida e Caffe, at indie record stores like Mabu Vinyl, and at gigs. Download a free MP3 of this album's title track to try before you buy. Download it here - it's number one on our charts this week.
Taxi Violence's hard work and spirit have paid off, resulting in Untie Yourself, a debut album that's tighter than a trannie's ass, and much sexier.

Marisa 2007/02/23 1:19 PM
The No1 SA Band I just love this band. They are great and the live performances Rock. You must go check them out!!!
ryan 2007/03/13 9:14 PM
Taxi Violence Freedom of speech… I hate SA bands that are just not going to go anyware In 5 to 10 year ask yourself where or what happened to Taxi Violence And we will speak again. Being a South African artist. You have to be very good Not just average…to make it…...and then if you get it right, only to mess it all up like hitting someone like mandoza just did…..
Cheryl 2007/03/14 11:01 PM
Untie Yourself - Taxi Violence Phenomonal!!! Love the band ... love the CD (got one for myself then bought one for my daughter, because she kept taking mine!!!!) Really a band worthy of the title Rock band!!!
George 2007/03/20 3:45 PM
Great Effort Ryan The fact that you have actualy commented on these reviews(after reading and listening to it),means that you were at least interrested in the first place.You don't have to like it,but there must have been something that made you want to go through the effort of even considering to look and listen at the review or soundclips,no?P.s.You sound like the type of person who's band's been playing in dirty little pubs around the country for 5 years and got nowhere!
Christiaan 2007/03/25 3:40 PM
Great!!!!! From what i've heard, you guys are pretty damn good. Bravo!!!!!!. George, quite a lot better than Fresh, wont you say?
Larry 2007/07/17 9:43 AM
Taxi Violence Unoriginal. I bought the CD on the strength of the fair review it received on this site. I love rock but this sucks.
Kim S 2008/04/05 10:43 AM
Nothing against the band, but..... More partial reviews by 24. Clearly the lousiest bunch of inbred fools. Is this a review or a publicity piece for a friend? All rotten in 24 land from Roper, to Jean to the student reviewers like sam brighton.
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