Thalia Thalia Thalia - Some "talent" is best left undiscovered

2006-03-29 18:21

Okay, so the fact that Thalia is a Mexican songstress and has delivered a trio of successful Spanish-language studio albums suggests she's being moulded after the runaway success of Latin booty babe supreme Shaikra. You'd think so, wouldn't you?

Instead, a mishmash of chart-driven "urban contemporary" flavours is slapped together with a super slick production sheen courtesy of tried and tested hip-pop players who've worked with everyone from Celine Dion and J-Lo to Kylie and American Idol Kelly Clarkson. Whether it's the bright 'n bouncy Ashanti style R&B club jams (Baby, I'm in Love"), Destiny's Child come hither vocal murmurs ("Misbehavin'") or merely Atomic Kitten bloated pop pulp paeans ("Another Girl"). Where exactly is Thalia in all this? Perhaps she could've called her album the R&B Lick!

Even the requisite guest rap cameos on singles "I Want You" (Fat Joe) are instantly forgettable or at best just anonymous enough to edge their carbon copied way into the charts. Only the downbeat ache of "Closer To You" (yes, a ballad) and a sassy salsa dance remix of "The Mexican" (off her last album) actually suggest she has a voice of her own at all.

The fact that the newest sexy R&B diva to step up to the mic is the latest "undiscovered" babe to be married to major industry player Tommy Matola must mean something.

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