The Awakening - Darker Than Silence

2006-03-29 21:44

Those of you who do not know The Awakening may be surprised to learn that they are in fact a Christian band. The chillingly deep, strangely articulated vocals sound like the voices of monsters you might expect to find on a soundtrack from a horror or thriller movie. Take a listen to the selected sound clips, and hear for yourself.

It is only once you read the lyrics (they're fairly hard to hear) that you realise there is in fact an underlying Christian message. Fortunately, the band have included the words to all their songs on the album sleeve which will be great help to those who would like get the gist of the message or simply "sing" along.

Darker Than Silence , although still very much of the rock genre, borders on death metal. But in essence this is just another gospel band, as the lyrics to "Not dead - He is alive" state: "It's just another gospel song..." or more accurately "IT'S JUST ANOTHER GOSPEL SONG..."

This very well produced CD is awakening or reawakening rockers worldwide, with their albums being available in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Russia. It's a testament to years of experience on the alternative SA rock scene.

You probably won't see this band doing a national church tour, but if they perform in your area, it would be a mistake for any alternative rock fan to miss them.

- Raymond Kilfoil


Darker than Silence is both a tour de force and a work of art.
- Johan Vos, Sunday Times

This album simply blew me away! Not only is it beautifully presented, superbly produced and laid out, but it also got rid of some of the stigmas surrounding South African music as a whole.
- Odey Dorfling for

Darker Than Silence' is easily the most fully realised album from The Awakening. The 15 songs on offer encompass their full palette of sounds and emotions, with Nyte still finding new ways to expand the goth brand with which they've been labeled.

Although the intensity of this album may be a little too much for today's average rock music enthusiast, its aggressive tone and understated lyrics may well appeal to the traditionalists. The Awakening, who formed in 1995, were originally described as "traditional gothic rock". With years of experience they have now established a unique sound.

Leon 2005/04/18 12:08 PM
Mmmm Christian ??? I have often young heard people at church referring to Christian metal, and to be honest thought they were joking. On listening to these clips I begin to wonder how something that sounds so evil can be classed as Christian. I just do not know any more... maybe I'm just old-school, but no where in MY belief would I even let my kids listen to this - even if professing to be "gospel"...
Andre 2005/04/20 4:18 PM
I have to agree If you can't hear the message, what's the point. It might as well be german.
Luanne 2005/04/20 4:19 PM
Gothic? Goth Christians, yes well no fine.
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