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The Bala Brothers - Strome van Seën

2008-12-11 10:50
Strome van Seën comes naturally, too: three men express their relationship to something bigger than themselves in plain language. No keyboards or backtracks, no white suits and overwrought hairdon’ts. As musicians, the Bala Brothers are serious about one issue, their singing, and therein lies real gospel credibility.
For all their acapella modesty, the Brothers truly can sing Aleister Crowley to tears when they hit their form. That form is most readily found on “As Hy Weer Kom”, “Ek Sien ‘n Nuwe Hemel Kom” and “Meguru”, but psalm lovers and Sunday faithful have a whole album to be excited about. No sloppy spiritual cash-ins here.

The possibilities for genuine, yummy Afrikaans soul music are mouthwatering and if Strome van Seën sows a seed that will bring more crooners and sirens into the fold, and Hopetown finally meets Motown, we won’t be sorry. We’ll thank the Brothers, and you can bet your hat they’ll be thanking a certain Someone else. Hopefully on a new album.

- Niel Bekker
What comes more naturally to the Afrikaans tongue than “Die Onse Vader”? It depends who you ask, but if you ask any of the three angel-throated Bala Brothers, you’re bound to hear: “Not much, mfetu”.

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Bjorn 2008/10/24 8:26 AM
What da? Boere will never buy this CD...........who ever heard of Afrikaans Soul..............Goodluck to the Bala Bro. with regards to Record sales
Cor 2008/10/24 9:00 AM
@ Bjorn Bjorn, waarvan praat jy? Ek het reeds die ding dan gekoop. Dis goeie christelike musiek in Afrikaans, ek dink dit sal baie aanklank vind tussen ons "Boere"...
phillippa 2008/10/24 10:43 AM
Bala Brothers As long as people focus on the surface issues like race and culture, they will be excluded from the true identity of all people. It's a big challenge for Afrikaners to accept that we blacks have been there since the beginning. I'm encouraging you to let go of extinct politics and step into the light. This music is beautiful. these brothers can really sing!
post it 2008/10/24 12:29 PM
good one good on you cor. bjorn im sure you listen to english music sung by black people or even afrikaans speaking people. same difference. its not about race.
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