The Bird and the Bee

2007-09-13 09:00
Intelligence and extreme poise combine to make chamber pop so floating and pretty that the world weary irony of lyrics like "Won't you be my won't you be my fucking boyfriend" sound as cute and weightless as... well not candyfloss but maybe a lemon-meringue pie.

The layers of light vibrato-free female vocals and New York-friendly world-weary fluff drop this album neatly into it's indie pop slot, into a chamber full of pink fluffy frills of the finest neon. Still it’s far too self conscious, and archly over-constructed to really hit the spot. Will being cooler-than-thou simply be stale?

- Jean Barker

The Bird and the Bee’s songs are all neatly put together, almost certainly fashionable somewhere in New York, and somewhat twee.

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