The Click Five - Modern Minds and Pastimes

2007-09-10 08:06
Modern Minds and Pastimes is a brazenly commercial second coming that sees these five dedicated followers of fashion breeze from clones of Weezer’s girl-trouble anthems (“Jenny”, “Mary Jane”) and Panic! At the Disco’s slapstick singalongs (“Happy Birthday”) to a slew of synthesizer-varnished power pop fillers about...actually, who cares when there aren’t really any hooks to hum along to?

Pick of the pop will eat itself pack? Their sly indie-dance spoof “Headlight Disco” and fun little fizz-popped break-up barb “I'm Getting Over You”.

- Miles Keylock

What next for a retro rock boy band whose debut CD, Greetings from Imrie House (2005) failed to dent the charts? Simple: drop the ‘Strokes for teens’ spiel, hire a dandy-looking new singer who’s sure to moisten a few panties and repackage yourselves as an emo-popped spin on The Killers.

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