The Cliks - Snakehouse

2007-08-07 10:48
This second coming finds the band giving new meaning to "bending both ways" by blending a brutally gorgeous hard rock edge with waves of penetrating raw 'n tender emotion. "Oh Yeah" is a kick-ass kiss-off tune perfect to play while ripping up photos of your latest ex, and "Misery" is the best late-night drunken sob-into-your-beer song ever made.

And if that's not enough, this bold posse of vice-loving vixens turn Justin Timberlake's soppy Britney break-up ballad "Cry Me a River" into a clever, transgender-trumping, thumping reggae-edged power jam that should give even Brit's prudish clit a bit of a lift!

- Miles Keylock

Bored by all the testosterone currently infecting rock? Drop the cocks and sink your teeth into Canadian trans-gender chick clique, The Cliks' snarling, pussy-powered primal puree of Chrissie Hynde-soaked emotion, Courtney Love-inspired attitude and Pink-styled spunk.

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