The Corrs - Borrowed Heaven - The Corrs - Borrowed Heaven

2006-03-29 19:06

It's flawlessly smooth, velvety and warm pop for those who like their Irish, just not TOO Irish.

Like the Corr sisters, who're pretty enough to make the cover of respectable UK music mags without having anything startling to say, this music is good looking, well crafted, and worthy of respect. Being overwhelmingly middle of the road isn't a crime.

And there's some real beauty here, even for non-fans, nestled alongside musical perfume samples. Like "Time Enough for Tears" which while soppy, feels sincere (oops, they didn't write it!) and the cheeky "Humdrum" which tenderly mocks marriage with '(I wanna) Fall asleep before bedtime / pass in the hallway / forget your birthday / and shrink all your clothes' is great scratch rocking fun.

You'll get the casual hint of Irish fiddle and flute, blended almost out of existence with stadium pop melodies and tastefully light percussion of brushes, with tinkly piano on the ballads. On sing along songs, they go upbeat with sawing violins and reliable drums.

Their increasing openness to influences other than Irish folk music influences also plays in their favour on the title track, "Borrowed Heaven", which slickly enlists the much in demand talents of SA's own Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and is a lyrically and musically touching track, unless you're determinedly cynical. 'All beauty fade away, borrowed / all moonlight return today, borrowed / All sunrise all shooting stars, borrowed / All earth bound bare feet in clay / you know we're standing on'

A solid album, easy on the ears, easy on the brain... this'll go down like a dream, an unchallenging and thoughtful dream, or like one of those creme liqueurs. Fine on ice after a meal, but more than a glass of the sickly creamy sweetness may make you snore.

- Jean Barker


There may be disappointment that it veers towards the commercialism of Fleetwood Mac rather than the traditional folk of their earlier work, but this is the Corrs and has been for some time; so love it or loathe it, it's unmistakably their sound.
- David Trueman from

Song-for-song, I'd pick In Blue over this latest. And there are, of course, lots of better albums that you can get. Still, relatively few of those albums are current albums by artists as purely pop as -- but this much better than Britney.
- Peter Su for Pop Matters

"...the title track, with its guest appearance by those dependable purveyors of rootsy authenticity, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, is more typical of this awfully nice, awfully dull album."
- Caroline Sullivan for the ever cynical Guardian Unlimited

On the cover they're posed in a lounge in black dresses; like pert, slightly empty-headed birds waiting for a crowd to scatter crumbs. But the songs reveal more than just birdbrain activity.

Lynette 2004/07/19 9:48 AM
Five Stars Whoever gave this album five stars... why?
Carla 2004/07/19 12:18 PM
earlier I preffered their eariler albums
Jonathen P 2004/07/19 12:21 PM
query I see in the review clips that Caroline Sullivan for Guardian says that the title track - which features Ladismith B M, is more typical of this album. I have to say that's absolute c***. Their sound is very distinctive and as a result, this track is probably the least typical of this incredibly dull album. Bruce Wassy - Shrine Dance
Angela 2004/07/19 7:29 PM
Corr CD I have this CD and it is so great
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