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2006-03-30 07:35

GALLERY: Pictures of the three gorgeous sisters (and their brother)

The four beautiful Irish siblings, Andrea, Caroline, Jim and Sharon, have come a long way since starting out 10 years ago. They've had a hand in reshaping traditional Irish music and making it popular throughout the world since their debut in 1995. They've delved in modern pop and now they are revisiting their Irish roots.

The modern-day songs include "My Lagan Love", most famously sung by Sinead O Connor, "Spancill Hill" is a tale about the return of an Irish man to the place where he was born, "Heart like a wheel" has all the ingredients of a great ballad, and "Black is the colour" previously covered by Nina Simone, will definitely be a favourite. "Old Town", a cover of a Thin Lizzy track that flopped in the early nineties, is the only upbeat pop song on the album. Sharon Corr, the second eldest, takes over from her baby sister to sing "Dimming of the Day".

"Old Hag" is the first of two folk instrumentals, the second, "Haste to the Wedding", closes the album and is reportedly one of the group's favourite numbers. Then there are the two traditional Gaelic songs, "Buachhaill on Eirne" which translates as "Boy of Ireland" and "Brid og ni Mhaille" which was written in 1903 and is about a man left heartbroken.

Only the Corrs can make a song written in the early 1900's sound sweetly sexy and pleasantly listenable. Unfortunately if Ireland is not your home then the magic of the Gaelic might be lost on you. Luckily the mix of newer songs make Home universally appealing.

- Ashlin Simpson

Old Irish folk songs is combined with contemporary sounds as The Corrs take their sound Home. Inspired by their late mother's songbook, Home is a collection of both old and new. Lead singer Andrea Corr's voice reverberates in a clear, crisp and enchanting melody, sounding like something that belongs in a fairytale.

Cameron Brisbane 2005/11/15 10:30 AM
Home (The Corrs) There had to be an album that showed the Corrs' roots. Sadly, with few exceptions, there is too much emphasis on traditional Irish folk songs that could have been performed by anyone and simply fronted byAndrea's enduring, lilting tones.
larry 2005/11/15 11:08 AM
corrs-home A true reflection of Irish early influence that was taken to America to form the base of Blue Grass R&b blues and of course Rock. A combination of fine music played out flawslessly on original instruments yes
ayisha 2005/11/15 5:58 PM
just super i am 14 years old and i love rock, but the best music that i enjoy is the corrs's music they are just super no matter how old or new the song is. i realy like this new cd "home" i think it is music that comes straight from their hearts and origines. its just purely amazing
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