The Courteeners - St. Jude

2008-07-07 09:11
And that’s not where the similarities end. The Courteeners also have the gobby, brash clatter in common with their hometown heroes. But where early Oasis was all about their sneeringly proud working class background, The Courteeners are not opposed to aiming for the posh seats in the house as well, infusing their sound with a slightly romantic edge.

On “What Took You So Long” lead singer-songwriter Liam Fray lays his persona bare: “I’m like a Morrissey with some strings”. There’s certainly a Morrissey-esque disaffection with the various louts and haughty girls who populate his world.

The playfully confrontational “No You Didn’t, No You Don’t” puts an ex-girlfriend on the spot for looking down her nose at the person she used to be, while “Not Nineteen Forever” is a poignant tale of fading youth and missed opportunities. Fray is clearly adept at weaving lyrical biographical tales, often told with a sharp tongue, and undercut with the kind of sadness and world-weariness you’d expect from a much older soul.

Coupled with catchy pop hooks and a healthy sense of humour, The Courteeners have made a confident debut, but may just find themselves marketed as The Kooks with balls.

- Shaheema Barodien

They’re a rock band from Manchester and their lead singer’s name is Liam. No, Oasis haven’t gone incognito and begun recording under a new name. But like their Brit-pop ancestors The Courteeners (pronounced as the typographically less elegant “Cortinas”, like those bug-eyed Ford station wagons your dad likely drove you around in back in the ‘80s) are ‘indie’ upstarts with an eye on the big time.

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phindile 2008/07/31 8:51 PM
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