The Dirty Skirts - Lost in the Fall

2011-09-05 15:27
There's still a fair amount of same-same Skirt-riffing - those endless repeated guitar and vocal riffs that are pretty much the hallmark of the current rock sound (some call it the "indie" sound, whatever) - but there's also less desire for the Skirts to frantically pop out of their socks for the sake of it.

Some have called it out as a "maturing" of the band; the Skirts themselves have said something to the effect of being more confident in going after what they want – hence spending so much time producing the album.

Whichever the case, LITF is ultimately more pleasant to listen to than previous efforts, if only because the songs feel more considered and sonically explored. The band's previous best pop song "Feeling the Pressure" had the unfortunate distinction of being that by quite a margin, but LITF has far richer bag of treasures to pull rabbits out of.

Lost in the Fall
is more balanced for good ideas, most of which are adequately delivered. The falsetto vocal of "You Are The Machine", for example, is less comically distracting than it might have been on previous albums. Conversely, the zombie voicing on "Don't Throw Away Your Dancing Shoes Tonight" elevates the song to a lighter mood (the album is largely soaked in dark and potentially depressing themes).

Basically, it's a case of making the right choices in the right places for album three, and it bodes very well for future endeavours - LITF is different enough to make The Dirty Skirts interesting again.
The Dirty Skirts' third effort is a turning point - a transition of sorts into a new direction, and it's a good thing that it's come about now.

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