The Feeling - Join With Us

2008-08-06 09:29
To get an idea of just how retro un-cool The Feeling are consider this: they served as Bon Jovi’s support act on their UK tour last year. The Feeling make unashamed soft rock like the 90s never happened – and these guys are all still in their 20s.

It’s hard to tell if The Feeling are being ironic because their glittery soft rock pop is delivered so darn earnestly. Imagine if the Scissor Sisters joined Hall & Oates for a jam session while Lionel Ritchie twiddled the knobs at the mixing desk – and there’s brown shag carpet lining the walls.

The choruses are big and shiny and it all sounds so overproduced you’d expect its sole purpose was to lull you into a thinking you’re in a fantasy world of candy coated houses and rivers of honey.

But soon the dream is shattered when you realise just how ridiculous it all sounds. "Turn It Up" and "Won’t Go Away" are camp and shallow while the gooeyness of the title track has the effect on an auditory strangulation. Sure, The Feeling have a flair for melody, and seem to have a willing audience in their homeland, but what they are trying to achieve on this album is a mystery.

The English will likely see them as yet another example their distinctive brand of charm, but The Feeling is a niche act that is unlikely going to entice anyone else to whip out the Abba-style bedazzled jumpsuits for anything.

- Shaheema Barodien

There is one word to describe this album – naff. Yes, admittedly the word naff is in itself rather naff, but it’s so fitting in the case of this throwback, embarrassingly kitsch sophomore effort from this Brit-pop band.

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